Who Is Brandon Miller Lawyer Jim Standridge? Alabama Star Attorney Statement

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People want to know about Brandon Miller lawyer Jim Standridge. Lawyer for Brandon Miller Contests Allegation That Alabama Star Gave Gun in Murder.

After it was reported on Tuesday that teammate Darius Miles allegedly took the pistol from Miller’s car that was allegedly used in a fatal shooting on the Strip last month, Miller’s Tuscaloosa lawyer released a statement on behalf of the Alabama basketball star.

Investigators revealed for the first time on Tuesday at a joint preliminary and bond hearing at the Tuscaloosa County Jail that Miles had ridden with Miller in his Dodge Charger the night before the shooting and left his .40 caliber revolver in Miller’s car.

Let’s learn more about Brandon Miller Lawyer Jim Standridge, and this case.

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Who Is Brandon Miller Lawyer Jim Standridge?

Further details about Brandon Miller’s involvement in the early morning of January 15 became public just five hours before the Alabama Crimson Tide’s game against South Carolina.

According to a statement issued by his attorneys on Wednesday, Alabama basketball star Brandon Miller “never handled the pistol” that is thought to have been used in a homicide that occurred last month close to campus in Tuscaloosa, Ala.

Brandon Miller Lawyer has given a new statement. (Source: New York Post)

A day after Police testimony claimed Miller was asked to bring a pistol to teammate Darius Miles and another man, Michael Lynn Davis, in the wee hours of January 15, one of the freshman’s attorneys, James Standridge, issued the statement.

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More Details on Brandon Miller Case 

Darius Miles and his friend Michael Davis reportedly felt threatened following an altercation with another group of people on the Strip.

Miles reportedly texted Miller asking him to come back to the Strip and bring him the gun. Miller left the area because he didn’t want to wait in line to get into a nearby restaurant and bar.

Miller returned to the scene, and it was said that Miles pulled his own gun from the backseat and passed it to Davis with a cartridge already loaded and ready to fire.

Soon after, 12 bullets were fired—eight from Miles’ semiautomatic handgun and four more from the driver of the Jeep in which Jamea Harris’ mother, 23, was fatally shot—using a revolver he was carrying.

Attorneys for the defense and prosecution disagree on who fired the initial shot.

After disclosing Miller’s proximity to the terrible murder, Miller’s Tuscaloosa lawyer Jim Standridge issued a statement.

Brandon Miller LawyerLawyer for Brandon Miller Disputes Claim Alabama Star Provided Gun in Killing. (Source: Sports Illustrated)

According to the police, Miles asked Miller for a gun over the phone, and when Miller came, Miles informed Davis, “The heat is in the hat.”

Miles later added that the gun was loaded, “There’s one in the head,” according to the police. Miller wasn’t given a murder charge.

Additionally, Standridge stated that Miller had given police his full cooperation throughout the inquiry and that all of the events, as Standridge described them, were documented on camera.

Miller, according to him, neither owns nor has ever handled a handgun. Also, he was unaware of any weapons-related intentions.

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According to ESPN and Alabama athletic director Greg Byrne, Miller is anticipated to play when the Crimson Tide takes on South Carolina tonight in Columbia. The rookie is leading the team at 18.7 points per game this season.

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