Who Is Bogdan Stancu? Why Andrew Tate Bodyguard Is Trending On Internet?

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Bogdan Stancu is Andrew Tate bodyguard. The chief security has worked at Tate’s compound in Bucharest, Romania, for a few years. He doesn’t doubt the Tate brothers.

Born Emory Andre Tate III, Andrew Tate is a renowned social media personality and businessman of American-British nationality.

He is also a former professional kickboxer. After retiring from kickboxing, the Washinton native started offering paid memberships and courses on his website.

He later shot up to stardom by endorsing an “ultra-masculine, ultra-luxurious lifestyle.”

The social media personality and his brother, Tristan, are in 30-day custody in Romania. Police are investigating allegations of human trafficking and rape.

Amid the situation, Andrew Tate’s bodyguard, Bogdan Stancu, described his life in an interview.

Andrew Tate Bodyguard: Why Bogdan Stancu Is Trending On Internet?

Bogdan Stancu is the businessman’s head of security. He has worked at Tate’s compound in Bucharest, Romania, since two years ago.

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Before serving Tate, Bogdan worked as Police intelligence officer. Regarding his personal life, Bogdan Stancu appears to be married to a lady name Diana and has a young son.

Bogdan Stancu appears to live comfortably with his wife and kid. (Image Source: The Sun)

In a talk with BBC, Bogdan Stancu described women’s delusions around Tate, saying, “they believed they would be Andrew’s next wife.”

The bodyguard speculated that the situation might have led to the allegations against his boss. 

“Once they accepted the truth, it is simple for them to go from a friend to an enemy and report to the Police,” Stancu told the BBC.

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Despite the allegations, the social media personality’s chief security believes and supports him.

Andrew Tate’s bodyguard claimed that his boss thought “someone wanted to hurt him.”

Tate exhibited “quite comparable” paranoid behavior, according to Bogdan, although the far-right influencer was unsure of the source of the threat.

Andrew Tate Arrest And Investigation Details

A guy called the American embassy on 11 April 2022 to report that his former fiancée, an American citizen, was being kept captive in the Tate brothers’ Pipera, Romania, home.

The Romanian Police searched Tate’s home and a Tates-owned webcam studio nearby and found four women.

The Romanian anti-organized crime agency DIICOT launched an in-rem investigation into the rape and human trafficking on 29 December – an American and another Romanian woman – told the Police they were being detained against their will.

After questioning, the two brothers were let go. They were mentioned at the time more as witnesses than as suspects.

On 29 December 2022, Romanian Police arrested Andrew Tate, his brother and two women. They are suspected of human trafficking and forming an organized crime group.

The Tate brothers are accused of recruiting women through the loverboy method to create explicit content for websites like OnlyFans.

Bogdan StancuAndrew Tate and Tristan Tate outside a Bucharest court last Week. (Image Source: BBC)

Tate Brother Are In 30-day Detention

The judge increased their pre-trial incarceration from 24 hours to 30 days after the initial 24 hours.

Andrew and his brother appealed the extension, but on 10 January, it was dismissed.

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The judge can extend the detainees’ imprisonment for another 30 days, but the investigators must gather further proof and submit official charges before that time.

Authorities in Romania reported that a raid on his compound in the capital resulted in the seizure of 29 valuables, including expensive cars, jewelry, and cash.

One of Tate’s attorneys said on 7 January that the defense team still needed to find the materials the prosecution had given the judge.

Tate brothers have denied any wrongdoings. Two women who lived with the controversial influencer openly defended them. In addition, two of the six purported victims listed by DIICOT have rejected allegations of abuse.

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