Who Is Angelica Romero, Rolando Romero Sister? Family Ethnicity

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Who is the professional boxer Rolando Romero sister, Angelica Romero? Many people want to know about her. Learn more about Angelica Romero and their family ethnicity and background in this informative article.

Rolando Romero is an American boxer, who is the current World Boxing Association Super Lightweight champion, after winning against Ismael Barroso by stoppage in the ninth round on May 2023.

Born on October 14, 1995, he has become one of America’s leading boxing talents thanks to an impressive record that includes 14 wins out of 15 fights, 12 of which were knockouts.

Likewise, the young fighter first appeared professionally on December 2, 2016, scoring a convincing TKO victory over David Courtney at Sunrise Manors Sams Town Hotel and Gambling Hall.

Beyond this early success, however, Romero held true to his reputation as a relentless striker with formidable power within both Medium and Lightweight divisions between 2020 and 2021.

Further, he even managed to hold onto WBA interim lightweight title due to an incredible series of performances that put him front and center among some truly world-class fighters.

Additionally, in the lightweight division, Rolando Romero is recognized for his forceful approach, which has solidified his status as one of the most menacing fighters.

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Who Is Rolando Romero Sister, Angelica Romero?

When comparing Rolando Romero sister and Romero, it may appear at first glance that Rolando has stolen the spotlight with his successful career in boxing through Mayweather Promotions and Premier Boxing Champions.

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However, sport has always been a shared passion for both siblings since childhood, when Rolando and Angelica were involved in various activities.

Likewise, as Rolando found success on one path, Angelica became prolific on another.

Rolando Romero sister, Angelica Romero, is a seven times national Judo champion. (Source: Vim Buzz)

As a seven-time national Judo champion with an impressive bronze medal at the Pan American U18 Championships Cali under her belt (U40 category), Angelica deserves recognition for her spectacular achievements too.

It’s also worth noting that these successes could hint towards having an exceptional level of athleticism, particularly remarkable when considering both siblings’ accomplishments side by side in combat sports.

While not much is publicly known about Angelica, it is apparent that she and Rolando share a close bond and were raised together.

As siblings, they have likely supported each other’s athletic pursuits throughout their lives.

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Rolando Romero: Family Ethnicity

The ethnic background of Rolando Romero’s family is far-reaching because it encompasses both Cubans and African Americans.

Although less information is readily available regarding Romero’s’ mother and her ethnicity, it’s not hard to discern that being African American occupies an essential place in the fighter’s identity.

Romero Sr., Romero’s’ dad, who won three national championships in boxing in Cuba, transferred his passion for the sport to his son.

The elder Romero also passed down an unwavering devotion to their family’s Cuban roots that flourishes in the younger Romero today.

Rolando Romero SisterRolando Romero has a mixed family ethnicity. (Source: BuzzNigeria)

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Born two years after his fathers’ arrival in America, young Romero grew up amidst the rough and tough neighborhood in downtown Las Vegas. 

However, this experience of living in such a cosmopolitan area might have shaped how he regards multiculturalism with respect and admiration and could have influenced his multicultural identity.

Lastly, as a rising sports star, he is a symbol of the power that inclusivity brings to sports, inspiring fellow athletes regardless of their background.

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