Who Is Alex Murdaugh Sister In Law Marian Proctor? Wife Margaret And Sons

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Alex Murdaugh sister in law, Marian Proctor, testifies at his murder trial as Murdaugh is facing charges of murdering his wife and son.

Alex Murdaugh is a former South Carolina attorney and member of a prominent legal family in the state.

In September 2021, he was shot in the head while changing a tire on the side of the road, which was his botched suicide-for-hire-plot.

Following the shooting, it was revealed that he had allegedly arranged for someone to kill him to provide a life insurance payout to his son.

After the shooting, several other scandals involving Murdaugh and his family came to light.

It was revealed that he had allegedly misappropriated millions of dollars from his law firm, which his grandfather founded.

Murdaugh had used the money for personal expenses, including drugs. Additionally, he is a prime suspect on the murder of his wife and son.

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Who Is Alex Murdaugh Sister In Law, Marian Proctor?

Marian Proctor is the sister in law of Alex Murdaugh. Mr. Murdaugh is accused of murdering his wife and son to conceal embezzlement from his clients and law firm.

Marian provided the first testimony from a close family member as she testified the murder case of her sister and nephew. 

During the trial, Marian Proctor testified that when she saw Alex Murdaugh after the deaths of Maggie and Paul, she asked him if Maggie had suffered before her death.

Marian Proctor is the sister in law of Alex Murdaugh (Source: Youtube)

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The State reported that he assured her that Maggie did not suffer, but Proctor said she is uncertain if that was true.

Her testimony implies there may have been some discrepancy or lack of clarity about the circumstances of Maggie’s death.

When Proctor asked if Murdaugh had any idea who could have committed the murders of her younger sister, Maggie, and nephew, Paul Murdaugh, he made a mysterious remark about the killer’s mindset.

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Alex Murdaugh Wife, Margaret And Sons

In June 2021, South Carolina Law Enforcement Division authorities responded to a 911 call reporting two deaths at a property in Islandton, S.C.

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More On The Case Of Alex Murdaugh

The infamous Murdaugh family has been practicing law in South Carolina since 1910, with three generations serving as solicitors for the 14th Judicial Circuit for over 86 years.

It was discovered that Murdaugh was prime suspect in the unsolved 2015 murder of Gloria Satterfield, who was the housekeeper for his family.

Murdaugh was prime suspect in the unsolved 2015 murder of Gloria SatterfieldApart from his wife and son, Murdaugh was also a prime suspect in the unsolved 2015 murder of Gloria Satterfield (Source: People)

Murdaugh had reportedly settled a wrongful death lawsuit with Satterfield’s family and had been accused of mismanaging the funds from the settlement.

In light of these scandals, Murdaugh resigned from his law firm and surrendered his law license. Eventually, several other horrible charges against him came to surface.

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