Who Are Hollis Daniels Parents Janis Turk And H.A. Dan? Shooter Get Life In Prison For Floyd East Murder

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Hollis Daniels parents and relatives testified during his capital murder trial at the district court. Hollis shot and killed Texas Tech Police Department officer Floyd East Jr. on 9 October 2017.

A jury sentenced the 24-year-old to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

Over three weeks ago, Daniels pleaded guilty to the deadly shooting of TTPD Officer Floyd East, Jr. in 2017. Deliberations started on 15 February before 3 pm and ended at around 5 pm the next day.

One juror appeared sad as she walked out of the courtroom. In the courtroom on 23 February, family members of Officer East and Hollis Daniels dispersed around as they awaited word on the jury’s verdict.

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Who Are Hollis Daniels Parents Janis Turk And H.A. Dan?

Hollis Daniels is the son of H.A. Dan Daniel andJjanis Turk Daniels. His family also refers to him as Reid.

On the ninth day of testimony, Dan Daniel told the jury that he was unaware that his son had a severe drug problem and depression.

Hollis shot and killed officer Floyd East Jr. (pictured above). (Image Source: BrotherhoodFWTX)

Hollis Daniels’ drug issue led to a mental health crisis that resulted in him stealing a gun and smuggling it into the Texas Tech Police Department, where he would shoot and kill Officer Floyd East Jr., who had detained him for a drug offense.

Daniels fought back the tears, adding, “I’m not able to fathom what I saw, but it was just an unbelievable, horrific nightmare.” The heartbroken Father said, “this couldn’t be the person I raised could.”

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Both parents testified during their son’s murder trial. Janis Daniels informed Jurors that her son had experienced self-esteem issues since the eighth grade.

Doctors first thought an unbalanced blood sugar level caused her son’s frequent self-hatred conduct. She testified to the jury that this was not the case.

However, the parent didn’t try to find any mental health counseling for Hollis. Both of them expressed their decision. Janis said, “neither she nor her husband came from a family that believed in counseling.”

She continued, “loving and being close to them would be helpful.”

Substance Abuse And Mental Health History Of Hollis Daniels Family

Joan Arnold, Dan Daniels’ cousin, disclosed the Daniels family has a long history of drug abuse and mental illness. She mentioned many other members of the family who died or suicide from alcoholism and depression.

Joan insisted that the family sought help and covered up their issues. The current mentality of the family is the same. It is stigmatized to acknowledge and treat mental health difficulties, she alleged.

Hollis Daniels ParentsThe Daniels family relative disclosed that they had a long history of substance abuse and mental health. (Image Source: Lubbock Online)

Janis’ distant cousin Amy Turk also revealed that Daniels’ mother’s side of the family had similar mental health issues.

How DId Floyd East Jr. Die?

Floyd East Jr. was a Texas Tech Police Department officer. He was married to Carmen East and had two daughters.

Hollis Daniels gunned down officer East in October 2017 while questioning a narcotics suspect.

Police checked on a first-year student’s safety after hearing from his family that he was suicidal and might have a firearm. When responding officers checked on Hollis, they found drugs and drug paraphernalia in his room.

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Hollis Daniels was detained and brought to the Police station for additional inquiry. When Officer East was filling out paperwork, Hollis, who was not in handcuffs, shot Floyd in the back of the head with an a. 45-caliber pistol and fled the scene after stealing the officer’s bodycam.

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