Who are Alon Shamriz parents? Know about Avi Shamriz and Dikla Shamriz

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Alon Shamriz, a 26-year-old engineering student, tragically lost his life in Shejaiya alongside Yotam Haim and Samer Talalk in an incident involving Israeli soldiers.

Born to Avi Shamriz (father) and Dikla Shamriz (mother), Alon’s family suffered a devastating loss. Avi Shamriz, Alon’s father, was a notable guest at the Palm Beach Hannukah celebration in Bradley Park, where he shared poignant details about his son’s abduction experience.

Alon Shamriz Parents: Avi Shamriz (father) and Dikla Shamriz (mother) (Image Source: The Messenger News)Alon Shamriz Parents: Avi Shamriz (father on left) and Dikla Shamriz (mom on right) (Image Source: The Messenger News)

Describing the abduction, Avi Shamriz revealed, “My son was kidnapped with his other friends on October 7th. They’re in my apartment.” These words painted a grim picture of the family’s anguish and ongoing ordeal.

Alon grew up with two siblings, Yonatan Lulu-Shamriz and Ido, both actively engaged in the kibbutz’s security force. Yonatan, aged 33, and Ido, aged 32, spoke out about their youngest brother, Alon, expressing their deep concern and anxiety over his safety and well-being.

Amidst the turmoil, Avi Shamriz passionately advocated for his son’s safe return, expressing his distress: “I don’t want him to be injured. I want him back safe. We’re putting pressure on our government to make a deal, release all the hostages, and then do whatever you want, but first, release the hostages.”

Addressing the broader situation, he lamented, “I’m against killing women and children. It’s not Judaism, it’s not Islamic. But since they’re hiding behind civilians and not letting them go to a safe zone, these are the consequences of these actions.”

Yonatan Lulu-Shamriz, in an emotional interview with Daily Signal, shed light on the ongoing struggle, saying, “You wear these clothes, you eat food, you go to bed, you brush your teeth in the morning, and you always ask yourself if Alon gets the same conditions. When you put on your blanket at night, you ask yourself, ‘Is Alon cold now?’”

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Avi and Dikla Shamriz, originally from Iran, have faced unimaginable grief over the loss of their beloved son, Alon. The family’s anguish and efforts to secure his release from captivity have been a heart-wrenching journey that resonates deeply with their Iranian heritage.

Amidst this tragic loss, the Shamriz family remains unified in their quest for justice and the safe return of their cherished son, Alon Shamriz.

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