Where Is Simon Beaumont Going After Leaving 6PR Radio? New Job And Salary

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Fans Are curious to know where is Simon Beaumont going. Find out about the new journey of Simon via this article. 

Beaumont is a radio producer and presenter who has worked in the broadcasting industry.

He gained recognition as the breakfast producer and former morning show presenter at Radio 6PR in Perth, Australia.

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Where Is Simon Beaumont Going After Leaving 6PR Radio?

Simon Beaumont, former morning show presenter and breakfast producer at Radio 6PR, left the station to pursue a career with the Department of Sport and Recreation in 2011. 

He joined 6PR in 2007, initially working as the producer for Liam Bartlett’s morning program.

Beaumont, who resigned from the news talkback station, expressed his excitement about taking on the role of executive manager as a stakeholder liaison.

He will work closely with Ron Alexander, the department’s Director General.

With a degree in recreation, Beaumont is eager to contribute to developing the new Burswood football stadium.

Simon Beaumont departs Radio 6PR to join Department of Sport and Recreation. (Image Source: 6PR) 

Beaumont, the former breakfast producer and morning show presenter at Radio 6PR, has recently caught people’s attention due to his absence from social media platforms.

This absence has sparked curiosity among his followers and fans, eager to learn more about his current endeavors and activities.

Known for his involvement in breaking news stories and contributions to the breakfast program at 6PR, Beaumont has established a reputation as a dedicated and skilled radio professional.

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However, his reduced presence on social media has left many wondering about the reasons behind his decreased online activity.

Simon Beaumont New Job And Salary

Simon Beaumont, known for his work in the radio industry, has a reputation for maintaining privacy regarding his personal information.

As such, specific details about his salary in his new role at the Department of Sport and Recreation are not publicly available.

Without concrete information, it remains speculative to suggest that Simon Beaumont’s salary in his new job at the Department of Sport and Recreation is around $400,000.

Salary figures can vary greatly depending on various factors such as job responsibilities, experience, and industry norms.

Where Is Simon Beaumont GoingSimon Beaumont has had a notable career in the broadcasting industry, particularly in radio. (Image Source: BBC Entertainment)

Beaumont’s decision to keep his personal information private is understandable, as many individuals maintain confidentiality regarding their financial matters.

Beaumont has been inactive on social media since June 2022. This indicates that he has chosen to take a break or step away from social media platforms for a significant period of time.

By limiting his social media activity for over a year, Beaumont may have deliberately decided to prioritize other aspects of his life or simply take a break from the online world.

It is important to respect an individual’s choice to maintain their privacy and control their online presence.

Simon Beaumont Net Worth 

Simon Beaumont’s net worth is estimated to be between $1 million and $1.5 million.

While his specific income sources are not mentioned, it can be inferred that his wealth primarily stems from his work as a radio producer and presenter.

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With a successful career spanning several years in the broadcasting industry, Beaumont has likely accumulated earnings from his roles at Radio 6PR and other media ventures.

Simon might have another source of income, like business and investments, which he has yet to share with the public. 

By choosing to be out of the public eye, Beaumont can prioritize his personal life and maintain a level of privacy that he feels comfortable with.

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