Where Is Rashad Trice Jail Or Prison? Wynter Smith Kidnapping Suspect Wikipedia And Age

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Follow the article to learn detailed info regarding Wynter Smith kidnapping suspect Rashad Trice. 

Lansing, Michigan police issue Amber Alert for missing 2-year-old Wynter Smith after the arrest of Rashad Maleek Trice on suspicion of kidnapping.

Trice was apprehended in St Clair Shores, while the toddler remains missing.

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Where Is Wynter Smith Kidnapping Suspect Rashad Trice Jail Or Prison?

Rashad Maleek Trice, the Wynter Smith kidnapping case suspect, is imprisoned.

Trice resident of Detroit, faces multiple serious charges, including assault with intent to murder, two counts of first-degree criminal sexual conduct, first-degree home invasion, unlawful imprisonment, aggravated domestic violence, unlawful driving away of an automobile, and felonious assault.

He has been charged as a violent habitual fourth offender. The charges against Trice are related to the physical and sexual assault of Smith’s mother at a residence on Beau Jarden Drive in Lansing.

While Trice and the victim were previously in a relationship, he is not Wynter’s biological father.

Trice is not Wynter’s biological father. (Image Source: FOX 2 Detroit)

The police in St. Clair Shores apprehended Trice on July 3, where he was found to possess a stolen 2013 white Chevrolet Impala belonging to the victim.

Trice’s legal proceedings are scheduled to take place in the coming weeks.

His probable cause conference is set for July 13, and a preliminary examination on July 20. Currently, he is being held without the option for a bond.

In the search for Wynter, the FBI has offered a reward of $25,000 for any information leading to her location.

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Lansing police have released maps depicting possible routes that Trice may have taken during the incident.

Authorities have urged individuals traveling along these routes to remain vigilant and report anything unusual.

Additionally, residents in the area have been requested to review their Ring doorbell footage for any potentially useful information that could aid in the search for Wynter.

Rashad Trice Wikipedia And Age

Rashad Trice, the individual facing charges in the Wynter Smith kidnapping case, does not have a personal Wikipedia page.

He gained public attention following the charges brought against him and has not disclosed any personal details about himself. At the time of the incident, Trice was reported to be 26 years old as of 2023. 

Given the need for a personal Wikipedia page and the scarcity of public information regarding Trice’s background, providing in-depth details about his personal life or past experiences proves difficult.

It should be emphasized that the available information is limited and subject to potential updates as the case unfolds.

As legal proceedings unfold and more information becomes accessible, additional details about Trice’s background may surface.

Wynter Smith Kidnapping SuspectTrice gained significant attention following the kidnapping incident of Wynter Smith. (Image Source: Yahoo News)

Until then, the public must rely on official sources for further insights into Trice’s personal life and the case’s progress.

Despite public anticipation, none of Trice’s family members have made public appearances or statements regarding the case.

It is important to respect their privacy, as it is a personal choice for individuals and families to decide whether or not to engage with the public or media during such circumstances.

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While some families may maintain a low profile and refrain from public involvement, others may decide to share their perspectives or offer support to their loved ones.

Speculation or assumptions about their choice to remain private can be misleading and unfair.

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