What Killed Odogwu Mara? What Happened To The Dancer? Death News

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Chukwudi Madubogwu announced what killed Odogwu Mara, revealing that he had been battling acute diabetic foot ulcers.

Odogwu Mara, whose real name is Obi Madubogwu, was a Nigerian Actor, producer, and filmmaker.

He was famous for his roles in movies like “The Last Burial,” “Passion of my blood,” and “The Battle of Love.” Odogwu Mara was born on December 12, 1965, and died on August 28, 2017. He was 51 years old at the time of his death. His death came as a shock to his fans and colleagues in the Nigerian film industry.

Odogwu Mara was a talented Nigerian Actor, producer, and filmmaker who significantly contributed to the Nigerian film industry. His death was a significant loss to his fans, colleagues, and the Nigerian public.

What Killed Odogwu Mara? Death News

Chukwudi Madubogwu first announced the death news regarding what killed Odogwu Mara. 

In a statement to the press, Chukwudi revealed that his brother had been battling with acute diabetic foot ulcers for some time. Odogwu Mara had been in and out of the hospital for treatment.

Twitter user expressing sadness and frustration over the loss of Odogwu Mara, who was an upcoming celebrity. (Source: Twitter)


Despite his condition, he continued to work on his film projects and did not let his illness stop him from pursuing his passion for acting.

However, on August 28, 2017, Odogwu Mara passed away at a hospital in Lagos, Nigeria. His death was confirmed by his brother, who said that he died while receiving treatment for his diabetic condition.

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His fans, colleagues, and the Nigerian film industry at large met the news of his death with shock and sadness.

What Happened To Odogwu Mara? 

Obi Madubogwu, popularly known as Odogwu Mara, was diagnosed with acute diabetic foot ulcers, a complication of diabetes that affects the feet. 

The condition causes open sores or wounds on the feet, which can become infected and lead to amputation. Odogwu Mara’s disease was severe, and he had been receiving treatment for it for some time. Despite his illness, he continued to work on his film projects and was dedicated to his craft.

In an interview with the press, Odogwu Mara’s brother, Chukwudi Madubogwu, revealed that his brother had been a diabetic for years and that his condition had worsened in the months leading up to his death. 

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He said that Odogwu Mara had been in and out of the hospital for treatment and that his family had been doing everything they could to support him. However, his condition was too severe, and he eventually succumbed to his illness.

Odogwu Mara Obituary Details Explored

Odogwu Mara’s death was a significant loss to the Nigerian film industry. 

He was a talented Actor, producer, and filmmaker who had significantly contributed to the industry. His death was mourned by his fans, colleagues, and the Nigerian public at large.

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TweetTwitter user giving his condolences to Odogwu’s family, friends, and fans during this difficult time. (Source: Twitter)

Mara’s obituary details were widely reported in the Nigerian media. He was survived by his wife and children, who mourned his loss deeply. His funeral was attended by many people from the Nigerian film industry, who came to pay their respects and honor his memory.

He will always be remembered for his outstanding performances in movies like “Conspiracy,” “The Last Burial,” and “Passion of my blood.” 

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Future generations of Nigerians will continue to be inspired by and amused by Odogwu Mara’s legacy and memories.

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