What Happened To Nicola Gobbo? Former Criminal Barrister Turned Police Informer

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“What Happened To Nicola Gobbo?” is a common question regarding the former criminal defense attorney and Police informant from Australia.

Police searched Gobbo’s home in 1993 while she was a law student and discovered amphetamines, marijuana, and weapons. Gobbo, her partner, Brian Wilson, a drug dealer, and another man were accused of possessing drugs and entered guilty pleas.

Gobbo received a bond for excellent behavior. A second search two years later discovered more amphetamines. Gobbo feared that a subsequent drug arrest would end her legal career.

Although she claimed to be unaware of the truth until learning about it through the media, no charges were brought against her. Shortly after, she was registered as a Police informant G395 in the database.

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What Happened To Nicola Gobbo? Former Criminal Barrister Turned Police Informer

The answer to the question What Happened To Nicola Gobbo? is that Ms. Gobbo and several law enforcement officials are believed to be under investigation by Justice Nettle’s team following hundreds of adverse findings by the royal commission.

The response to the query What Became Of Nicola Gobbo? is that Justice Nettle’s team is reportedly looking into Ms. Gobbo and several law enforcement personnel in the wake of the royal commission’s many unfavorable conclusions.

The amount of compensation Ms. Gobbo feels she is entitled to after Victoria Police failed to keep her name a secret and the extent of their ongoing duty of care are other issues that the two parties are at odds over.

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As a result of a top government lawyer’s warning that she was “likely to succeed in her claim for compensation,” Police already settled a lawsuit for $2.88 million in 2010.

What Happened To Nicola Gobbo: Her safety is at risk after the suppression lifted. (Source: The News Daily)

Ms. Gobbo has been hiding since December 2018, when the High Court ordered Victoria Police to publicly reveal her work as an informant after finding that the potential harm to her former clients and the Australian justice system outweighed its concerns for her safety.

Victoria Paid To Leave The Country By Police Officer

Victoria Police informed Nicola Gobbo attorney that they would pay for her to leave the country, including to a nation without extradition agreements with Australia, to escape being charged or prosecuted for her role as a Police informant.

While the Royal Commission into the Management of Police Informants looked into possible corruption between the former attorney and Victoria Police in 2020, a senior officer in the Police’s covert operations section made the offer.

According to a source familiar with the plan, Ms. Gobbo was informed by Police that they would organize and finance her permanent relocation to one of several foreign locations where she would be out of reach of law enforcement.

Accepting the deal, the officer claimed, would put Ms. Gobbo securely outside the purview of Victorian prosecutors or the courts before any official criminal investigation or charges could be brought in what has grown to be the worst legal and Police scandal in the history of the state.

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Victoria Police had threatened to have Ms. Gobbo’s children taken away if she didn’t comply with security measures set by force, according to public documents during the 2018 High Court case that ultimately led to Ms. Gobbo’s public exposure.

It seems Ms. Gobbo declined the proposal. The 49 years old has hired attorney Bryan Wrench, barristers Rishi Nathwani and Phillip Boulton, and a special investigator named to look into the matter, former High Court justice Geoffrey Nettle.

Sadly, no further information about What Happened To Nicola Gobbo? was found as the case is very sensitive, and the Police have not disclosed additional details at the time of writing this article.

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