What Happened To Jay Halstead On Chicago P.D.? Where Is He Going Next?

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Detective Hailey Upton’s partner and former member of the CPD Intelligence Unit is Jay Halstead. Jesse Lee Soffer played his role of him.

Dr. Will Halstead, one of the main characters on Chicago Med, has a younger brother named Jay.

Jay’s badge number was 51163, and his radio code was 5021 George.

His Class A uniform proudly displays the Superintendent’s Award of Merit, Blue Star Award for Police Service, Special Service Award, Traffic Stop of the Month Award, Lifesaving Award, and Democratic Convention Service Award.

What Happened To Jay Halstead On Chicago P.D.?

Jay once more circumvented the law to catch the robbers in a case involving preserving the reputation of an Army veteran who had helped commit a robbery.

The vet, who ultimately lost her life protecting another woman, was not reported by the man out of concern for his family and reputation.

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However, Jay decided to leave Intelligence after realizing he had broken the law once more and stabbed a man.

Voight’s (Jason Beghe) came to say goodbye at the airport and made him an offer for any job he wanted to stay in. In response, Jay said that the issue was that he wanted to be Voight.

Jay Halstead’s final handshake with his boss.Source: Youtube

He told his former boss, “It’s like you’ve always told me: I’m not, and I shouldn’t try. They shook hands after that, and Jay departed Chicago.

Where Is He Going Next?

When the series began, Jay Halstead had been working for the Intelligence Unit for a month. He provides tactical knowledge.

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He also frequently serves as the designated sniper protecting the team when necessary because he is an expert marksman and former Ranger. His questioning techniques are direct and forceful.

Jay Halstead 2Jay Halstead From Chicago P.DSource: Hello Magazine

He revealed to Hailey that he had joined an Army unit that hunted down Cartel forces and that they sent him to Bolivia for eight weeks in the episode’s final moments.

He promised her they would overcome it and that she was the love of his life.

Why Jay Halstead’s exit from Chicago Police was absurd

Jay Halstead acted as the Intelligence Unit’s moral judge for nine seasons. Later, in Season 10, Halstead began to resemble Voight.

Halstead had a change of heart when Upton and Voight came up with another cover-up in Season 10, Episode 3, “A Good Man,” but that is not who he is.

But his decision to uproot everything and spend eight months in Bolivia differs significantly from his regular behavior. To give up his wife and career because he can’t stomach dodgy police work at Voight’s level is hardly a valid justification.

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It unduly puts fault on Voight for Halstead’s resignation. Instead of tearing his character apart, the series should have allowed Jay Halstead to leave while doing something honorable, honest and just.

Even worse, Jay leaves the force and the country without consulting Upton despite their rock-solid relationship.

Though fans expected Upstead to end with Halstead’s departure, no one could have predicted it to end so poorly.

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It’s as though the writers wanted to end Upstead by making Halstead’s shady behavior Upton’s motivation for divorce — then at the last minute decided to keep them together.

Though the two remained married in “A Good Man,” Halstead sealed the Upstead coffin when he manipulated Upton into letting him go as if she had a choice.

Although he claimed she was the love of his life, the pain he inflicted was too much for their relationship to endure reasonably.

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