Wakefield High School Drug Overdose News: A Student Was Found Unconscious In A Bathroom

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Follow the Wakefield High School drug overdose news via this article. Parents are concerned about their children.

A student from Wakefield high school was found in critical condition due to a drug overdose on Tuesday. 

Medical attention was given to the boy before taking him to the hospital. Parents have been compelling the school administration about what has been happening in the school community.

Since the news has been public, people have taken an interest in learning about the case in detail. 

School administration has questions about putting the child’s parents on dark, and the boys’ parents have questioned how he was found in that condition. 

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Following the case, many questions have been raised; read further to learn about them in detail and share your thoughts with us. 

Wakefield High School Drug Overdose News

The unresponsive student was found in a bathroom on Tuesday; he was on drug overdose and was later sent to the hospital. 

Arlington County Police and Fire got dispatched to the school for the report of a drug overdose. 

The school’s principal called it a medical emergency rather than telling the truth publicly when the boy was taken to the hospital.

Kelley Lynn shared the news in behave of the school administration on Twitter. (Source: Sportskeeds)

Four other students were also found in the same place, and the investigation has been going on since Tuesday.

Many parents of the Wakefield school were present after the news was released; they talked about their fear of the media. 

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In acknowledgment of the incident, the school is providing further counseling to the students, and they have promised the parents not to keep them in the dark. 

Hopefully, the school administrator will take action against the incident in the school on Tuesday, which caused thousands to know of people.

A Student Was Found Unconscious In A Bathroom

The identity of the student who was unconscious at Wakefield high school has not got disclosed in public. 

He was sent an emergency to the hospital; he was not in good condition when Police found the boy.

The boy received medical attention inside the school for some time but was later sent to the hospital.

Hopefully, the boy will get proper attention and be released from the hospital. It was informed his parents around noon, and she was sent to the hospital.

Student found unconscious in Wakefield High School bathroom after apparent drug overdose.A student was found unconscious in the Wakefield High School bathroom after an apparent drug overdose. (Source: Youtube)

Since Tuesday, the case update has not been out, and the investigation is still ongoing. The school has suggested consulting the parents and children who are concerned.

Along with the boy, four friends of his were found appraised by the medical assistant. After the Police were present and stratifying the investigation, the principal dismissed the class at 12:30 am. 

A statement from the parent advocacy group Arlington Parents for Education said, “We are both stunned and saddened to hear the tragic news of a possible student overdose at Wakefield High School,”

They added, “We hope that the significance of today’s events involving drug use at school highlights the need for immediate action to ensure the safety of our students going forward.”

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The Arlington Education Association, the former president, has been implicated in fraud of more than $400,000 from the organization.

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