Vince Vaughn Car Accident: What Happened To Him And Where Is He Now?

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The accident news of Vince Vaughn is not recent news, it was from his teen days were he lost the tip of his finger.

The actor Vince has been known for his role in several movies, and people have been fans of him since 1996. He was seen in a comedy-drama film, Swinger. 

He started his career in 1991, but people started noticing him after some movies, Rudy (1993), The Lost World: Jurassic Park (1997), Return to Paradise (1998), and Psycho (1998).

He was fond of working in Hollywood from an early age, so after his graduation, he started doing musical theater. 

So, after doing theater for some time, he decided to be an actor; also, he is loved by many people now. 

Vince Vaughn Car Accident

The actor, Vince Vaughn’s car accident, is not the recent news; the news came out after he started joking around about his thumb. 

He got in an accident when he was seventeen or more and, at the accident, lost the tip of his thumb. He has always been careless while driving his car and has been arrested for some time in case of drunk driving. 

He was recently arrested in the same case in June 2019. He has been warned many times. So, there is no new recent accident, and the accident was during his teen years that many people have noticed. 

He has been asked in many interviews about his thumb, but he always takes that as a joke. Life & Style calls it “a penis with a fingernail.”

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Clear Picture of Vince Vaughn Thumb end he lost in a car accident. Image Source: The Sun

So, he is doing fine now and living a healthy life with his family. 

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What Happened To Vince Vaughn And Where Is He Now?

The actor has always been a terrible driver; as per the source, in May 2019, he was arrested for reckless driving after he entered into a no-contest plea; after the accident, he was sentenced to three years. 

Vince Vaughn Car AccidentActor Vince Vaughn arrested for DUI Source: CNN

At the moment, he was drunk and refused to get out of the car as the police shared; then, he was sent to a three-month alcohol program.

He was in a bad place when he was arrested, there were many negative responses from his fans, and his fans supported him. But he did not stop updating them and updated his fans through his Instagram account. 

After some time, he started working on a project; in 2020, he did three films Arkansas, The Binge, and Freaky.

Although he was growing through a hard time, he never stopped working, and he is still working and has been involved in many projects. 

Talking about where is the actor Vince now, he is continuing his acting career, has never stopped doing any project, and has never disappointed his fans. 

He is living a healthy life and has been in control after he attended the program and took a break for some time. Vince seems to be in control after the arrest and has not been arrested or warned. 

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He is currently producing a movie named A Christmas Story Christmas, which will probably be released soon. Also, he is presently in a television series, Curb Your Enthusiasm he was involved in since 2020. 

Hopefully, he will be seen in more movies, and this is the first movie he has been producing. Everyone has had high expectations from the movie, A Christmas Story Christmas, which will probably get released during Christmas 2022. 

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