Tyra Sanchez Boyfriend: Who Is American Drag Queen Dating 2023?

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Find out the information about Tyra Sanchez boyfriend and get all the latest updates. Uncover the details and rumors surrounding Tyra Sanchez’s relationship status.

James William Ross IV, also known as Tyra Sanchez, is an American drag queen and reality TV personality famous for winning RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 2 and earning $25,000.

After retiring from the Tyra Sanchez character in March 2020, Ross returned as “King Tyra” on September 14, 2022, exclusively on his OnlyFans platform.

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Tyra Sanchez Boyfriend: Who Is American Drag Queen Dating 2023?

At the young age of 17, Tyra Sanchez became a father while still in high school.

Despite plans to marry Jeremiah’s mother, Cynthia, Tyra later discovered his gay sexuality, leading them to remain on good terms without tying the knot.

When Cynthia couldn’t take custody of their son, Tyra was responsible for raising Jeremiah alone. However, trouble arose in 2015 when Cynthia accused Tyra of being a deadbeat dad and failing to provide for the family.

Picture of Tyra Sanchez with his son, Jeremiah. (Image Source: The Advocate)

This contradicted Tyra’s portrayal of her relationship with his son during his time on RuPaul’s Drag Race, where he even made a documentary called Drag Dad in 2012 to showcase their bond.

Although Tyra never addressed the allegations, things seemed optimistic in 2017 when he tweeted about becoming a father for the second time, though no further details were shared.

After Sanchez discovered his gay sexuality, he maintained a discreet approach when sharing details about his romantic life.

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He has consciously decided to keep this information away from his fans and followers.

Tyra has created a boundary between his personal life and public persona, focusing more on his career and other aspects of his life that he chooses to share with his audience.

This decision reflects his desire to maintain privacy and control over what he discloses about his relationships, allowing him to navigate his personal life on his terms.

Tyra Sanchez Family Details 

Sanchez’s family is deeply intertwined with the world of drag and performance. His drag mother, Angelica Sanchez Jones, was a performer based in Orlando and a member of the Haus of Sanchez.

The Haus of Sanchez was founded by Tyra’s drag grandmother, Stasha Sanchez, a pageant legend. It is within this drag family that Tyra found support, inspiration, and guidance as he embarked on his drag journey.

Tyra’s drag name, Tyra-Symoné Sanchez, carries significant meaning. “Tyra” derives from his niece’s name, Tyra Nicole, and holds the powerful connotation of “God of Battle.”

This name choice reflects Tyra’s resilience and strength, inspired by his niece’s premature birth and her fight for survival. The inclusion of “Symoné” comes from Tyra’s admiration for the artist Raven-Symoné.

Tyra Sanchez BoyfriendTyra Sanchez’s family provided unwavering support in his drag career. (Image Source: Out Magazine)

When Tyra made his comeback after retiring, he desired a new and fresh identity that would also signify his gender identity outside of drag.

Thus, he chose “King Tyra,” balancing masculinity and the drag world. This name change allowed Tyra to assert his identity as a man while still embracing the artistry and creativity associated with drag.

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Throughout his journey, Sanchez’s family has played a significant role in shaping his drag persona and providing a supportive community that celebrates individuality and self-expression.

Sanchez’s sons are limited and not widely available. However, it is known that Tyra became a father at 17, and his first son is named Jeremiah.

Details about Tyra’s second child, mentioned in a tweet from 2017, remain undisclosed.

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