Troy Johnston Death: Perth Father Died In Bali After He Was Fatally Beaten

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Troy Johnston was a Perth man who was allegedly beaten to death with a wooden stool. Currently, Troy Johnston death news has grabbed netizens’ attention worldwide. 

If you are a social media user, you must have heard about Troy Johnston. Recently, Troy has been a concerned topic for people as the death of the Perth man has grabbed the public’s attention. 

Troy Johnston appears to be an Australian citizen reported to be from Perth. Troy was beaten to death while having a happy night with his family in a bar in Bali. 

Troy, 40, was in Bali to enjoy his vacation with his family, but this saddest incident has pained his family and people worldwide. 

The investigate authorize said he was allegedly attacked with the stool at Uncle Benz Bali in Jimbaren at about 3 am on Thursday.

Troy’s wife found him dead in a pool on the cafe terrace after he didn’t return to his place as the Police said the man was drinking together before the fatal end of the Troy.

Troy Johnston Death: How Did He Die?

Troy Johnston’s death news has been making rounds on the internet since he passed away. He was beaten to death with a wooden bar stool while on holiday in Bali with his young family.

When the deadly scene happened, the 40-year-old Troy was holidaying on the island paradise with his wife and little boy.

According to Kuta Police, Gede Wijaya attacked Troy with the stool at Uncle Benz Bali in Jimbaren at about 3 am Thursday.

Troy Johnston was attacked in Uncle Benz Bali. (Source: Perthnnow)

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Later, Johnston was discovered by his wife. It is reported that his wife found him in a pool of his blood on the cafe terrace. His wife searched for him as he failed to return to their accommodation.

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Who Is Troy Johnston Murderer, Gede Wijaya?

Gede Wijaya is reported to be the alleged murderer who beat Troy Johnston to death. According to a Police report, they had been drinking together before a physical confrontation.

The same report revealed that the executioner urinated by the victim, and then Johnston created a scene at the cafe owned by the perpetrator.

After that, the victim threw the bottle and glass, leading the perpetrator hit the victim with the chair. Later, Wijaya said he had no intentions of doing that as he knew Troy very well.

Troy Johnston20 years old Gede Wijaya was charged with murder. (Source: Perthnnow)

He continued by saying that the 20-year-old murder suspect claimed Johnston was drunk and throwing bottles on the street. So, he was charged with murder by Indonesian National Police.

Troy Johnston Was Survived By his Wife and Their Child

Troy Johnston was a family man and was survived by his wife and child. Similarly, the small family was in Bali to enjoy their vacation. However, that became an unbearable vacation for Tory’s wife and toddler son. 

Johnston was fun-loving and loved to travel, so he was there in Bali to enjoy another vacation. His wife’s name is Ni Nyoman Purnianti, but his son’s name has remained unknown. 

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Troy JohnstonTroy Johnston with his wife, Nyoman Purnianti. (Source: Perthnnow)

Looking at the picture, the toddler seems to be 3-4 years old. His wife also shared an emotional message for her husband, pleading for him to wake up for us and saying how much she missed him. 

Also, Purnianti added Gede, “a F**ing liar who said he knew Troy. “

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