Tom Hanks Arrested News Trending On Internet- What Did He Do?

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Tom Hanks arrested news had surfaced among internet users where he was mentioned to be detained in Australia for pedophilia cases. Still, the claim is entirely false and posted without an official declaration!

He is a famous Actor and filmmaker known for his comedic and dramatic roles is one of the most favorite and recognizable movie stars worldwide and is regarded as an American cultural icon.

Likewise, his honors include two Academy Awards out of six nominations. He has also succeeded in seven Primetime Emmy Awards for his outstanding output as a producer of various shows and movies.

As he is one of the most famous faces in Hollywood, many remain updated about his information. But when fake news appears in media outlets, his fame can be in danger as the fan base may be upset about the wrongdoing.

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Tom Hanks Arrested News Trending On Internet

Tom Hanks arrest news is trending on the internet, and many people wonder what made him go behind bars. The public widely acknowledged the information after it surfaced over the internet platform.

Posts resurface fake BBC article targeting Tom Hanks (Source- Latestly)

As he is one of the loved personalities, his fan base searches for him and remains updated regarding the matter. However, when his detain news surfaced fan base got highly worried and curious.

These numerous baseless pieces of information keep appearing over the online platform, which results in different controversies and a bad image. 

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As many fans supported him, some supported him but got saddened by his act and waited for the statement from the official authority. Later, after it spread widely, it was claimed to be false.

Tom Hanks Arrested; What Did He Do? Allegations Against Him

Tom Hanks’s arrest news and his scandal were claimed false when he was mentioned to have done wrong deeds through tweets. The tweet also claimed that the information was posted on BBC for a few moments with a screenshot.

Similarly, the tweet took over the internet and acquired more than 35,000 attention, including a photo of what looks like a BBC News story with the headline.

The post showcased the mention: “Tom Hanks arrested on 135 counts of child porn possession.” 

As confirmed by Reuters, the photo is digitally manipulated, and the BBC confirmed that it did not publish the story to Reuters. With this, the news is regarded as false.

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Tom Hanks Turned His Career Around With A Movie That Is Now Streaming For FreeTom Hanks Turned His Career Around With A Movie That Is Now Streaming For Free (Source- NPR)

Tom Hanks Net Worth As Of 2023

According to the Celebrity’s Net Worth, Tom Hanks has a predicted net worth of 400 million dollars as of 2023. His earnings are not surprising for many since his product is famous worldwide.

His movies have uplifted more than 4.9 billion dollars in North America and more than 9.96 billion dollars worldwide, which earns him the fourth-highest-grossing Actor in North America. 

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Hanks entered the entertainment industry in 1977, and his potential step has been the best outcome with his talent and dedication. He is also the top-listed, most consistent box-office money-making celebrity globally.

Moreover, he and his wife, Rita Wilson, have 150 million dollars worth of real estate investment, which has multiplied over the years. Concerning his base movie, salaries during his career earned 400 to 500 million dollars.

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