Tighnari Voice Actor Controversy And Scandal: Elliot Gindi Allegations- What Did He Do?

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Elliot Gindi, a Tighnari voice Actor, has sparked controversy after allegations of inappropriate behavior with fans surfaced online.

Elliot Gindi, best known for playing Tighnari in the Genshin Impact English dub, recently expressed regret for accusations against him, including sexual misconduct.

Gindi’s list of acting credits includes the Pokemon anime, where he played the role of Billy in one episode. Genshin Impact’s voice actor, Chris Faiella, has acknowledged the allegations on Twitter.

For gamers learning about the Genshin Impact controversy for the first time, some background information may be necessary. An official tweet he sent includes a link to the voice Actor’s apology on TwitLonger.

Tighnari Voice Actor Controversy And Scandal

Elliot Gindi, a Tighnari voice Actor, is embroiled in a scandal and controversy after allegations of inappropriate behavior with fans surfaced online.

The allegations surfaced when FretCore, a Twitter user, posted an extensive Google document detailing the alleged transgressions.

FretCore was a moderator on Gindi’s Twitch and Discord pages, and they provided screenshots of apparent DMs Gindi had sent and victim testimonies. Many of these testimonies discuss conduct with underage recipients, so use caution before reading the document.

Gindi later responded with an apology in an extended tweet. Venti from Genshin Impact, voiced by Erika Harlacher-Stone, has also stated their own.

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She wrote that Elliot Gindi has been dropped from all group streams and activities that she will be organizing going forward, adding that she is upset with him. She continued by saying that it was upsetting for her.

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Elliot Gindi Allegations: What Did He Do?

Pokemon Star Elliot Gindi is facing allegations of having inappropriate interactions with fans.

When user FretCore published a thorough Google Document earlier today with statements from Gindi’s alleged victims, the situation came to light.

Yoimiya’s voice actor has also bluntly tweeted her opinions below. (Source: sportskeeda.com)

The screenshots show a disturbing scene, from private DMs to now-deleted Discord messages. The information was disclosed by the user, who served as one of Gindi’s Twitch and Discord moderators, with the consent of those connected to the voice Actor.

Now, other voice actors in the anime and gaming industries are commenting on the predicament. Zach Aguilar, better known as Tanjiro from Demon Slayer and Aether from Genshin Impact, also responded.

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He wrote that he had cut off the stream with Elliot and would no longer be hanging out with him because he was disappointed and angry.

Is Elliot Gindi Going To A Therapy?

Since then, Elliot Gindi has blacked out his Twitter profile and has decided to seek therapy.

Screenshot 2096Elliot Gindi apologized on Twitter and realized he was wrong. (Source: sportskeeda.com)

Fans of Pokemon and Genshin Impact’s anime were shocked to discover a post by voice Actor Elliot Gindi on Twitter. The Actor posted a lengthy apology for acting inappropriately around fans there.

Additionally, he has stated that he is temporarily logging out and will not be reading any responses. In the past, his Tighnari role in Genshin Impact was his most significant VA role. In addition to that, he has also made a few minor contributions to Pokemon.

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It is unknown if this information will result in a new voice Actor being cast for Tighnari.

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