Thomas Richard Ford Missing in Route to Dallas Love Field Airport

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Mountain Springs is in turmoil as the community grapples with the mysterious disappearance of Rick Ford, a revered 45-year-old businessman and rancher deeply embedded within the tight-knit Texan town. Rick’s absence has sparked widespread concern, leaving friends, family, and neighbors anxiously searching for answers.

Born and raised in Valley View, Texas, Rick inherited and managed the expansive Cinder Lakes Ranch, spanning over 1,000 acres. Known for his generosity, success in ranching and real estate, and philanthropic contributions to local causes, Rick’s sudden disappearance on December 6, 2023, has sent shockwaves through Mountain Springs.

Rick’s intended journey to Dallas Love Field Airport, en route to Denver, Colorado, for a crucial meeting regarding the potential sale of Cinder Lakes Ranch, took an unexpected turn. Despite informing his wife of his travel plans and promising to check in upon arrival, Rick never boarded the flight, leading to his wife reporting him missing later that day.

The absence of his silver Chevy Cruze, distinguished by hail damage on the right side, has only deepened the mystery surrounding Rick’s whereabouts. The impact of his disappearance is profound, halting important decisions regarding the future of the ranch that Rick had been considering selling for retirement and travel with his wife.

The Mountain Springs community, known for its unity, has rallied together emotionally and collectively, launching a search effort to find their missing neighbor. As they anxiously await news and hope for Rick’s safe return, the tight-knit community remains determined to support the Ford family through this challenging and uncertain time. Updates on the search efforts and Rick Ford’s status will be reported as soon as available.

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