Texas Mall James Cho Family: Cho Kyu Song, Kang Shin Young Shot To Death

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James Cho family was at a mall in Texas when a tragic incident occurred, resulting in the loss of three lives.

Authorities at the federal level are investigating potential links to far-right extremist groups concerning the gunman who shot eight people, including children, at a shopping mall in Dallas.

The 33-year-old attacker was killed by a responding police officer who was not initially involved in the incident.

Investigators are examining the gunman’s social media activity to determine his beliefs. During the attack, the shooter wore a logo that has been linked to hate groups.

Six people were killed at the scene, while two others died later in the hospital. Among the victims were three members of the same family, a security guard, and an engineer from India.

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Texas Mall James Cho Family

James Cho family experienced a tragic incident at a mall in Texas. Kyo Song Cho, Cindy Cho, and their 3-year-old son James were killed during a shooting at the Allen Premium Outlets mall.

Their 6-year-old son William Cho was the only survivor and was treated at a nearby hospital.

According to a verified GoFundMe page, the Cho family had been at the Allen Premium Outlets mall in Texas to exchange clothing their 6-year-old son had received as a birthday gift.

The picture above shows Cho Kyu Song, 37, and Kang Shin Young, 35. (Image Source: CNN)

Sadly, their visit was cut short due to a mass shooting at the mall. According to Korean consulate officials in Texas, the Cho family were American citizens of Korean descent.

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Daniela and Sofia Mendoza, two primary school pupils sisters, were also killed during the attack, while their mother remained in critical condition in the hospital.

James Cho, Cho Kyu Song, Kang Shin Young Shot To Death

According to various sources, the names of James Cho’s parents were Cho Kyn Song and Kang Shin Young, who also went by Cindy.

They were present with their two children, James and William, at the Allen Premium Outlets mall in Texas when they were shot.

Unfortunately, Cho Kyn Song, Kang Shin Young, and James did not survive, while William was wounded but survived and was treated at a nearby hospital.

Limited information about the Cho family and the other victims of the Texas mall shooting has been publicly available.

However, many people have expressed their condolences and sent prayers to the six-year-old boy who lost his family in the tragic incident.

The shooting at the mall in Allen, Texas, resulted in the deaths of three children, along with several other people who were wounded.The shooting at the mall in Allen, Texas, resulted in the deaths of three children and several other wounded people. (Image Source: Yahoo News)

According to police, eight people were fatally shot, and at least seven others were injured before the shooter was killed by one of the police officers who was already present at the mall for an unrelated call.

According to the Gun Violence Archive’s definition, this shooting is one of the over 200 mass shootings that occurred in the United States in 2023. A mass shooting is an incident in which four or more people are shot, excluding the shooter.

The shooter, identified as Mauricio Garcia by investigators, used an AR-15 style rifle and wore tactical gear during the shooting, with a significant amount of ammunition on him.

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Eyewitnesses described a chaotic and terrifying scene when the shooter exited his car in a mall parking lot and started shooting at shoppers.

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