Terrel Williams Boxer Wikipedia Bio, Where Is He Now? Age And Family

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Terrel is a well-known former professional boxer who is known for his exceptional boxing skills. Dive in to explore Terrel Williams boxer Wikipedia details.

Terrel Williams engaged in a match with Prichard “Digget” Colon on October 17, 2015.

During the bout at the Eagle Bank Arena in Fairfax, Virginia, Williams repeatedly struck Colon in the back of the head, which is against the rules.

Despite Colon informing the referee about his injuries, he was allegedly told to deal with them himself. The illegal hits from Williams persisted, and Digget was knocked down in the later rounds.

Although Colon got back on his feet, he complained of feeling dizzy. Surprisingly, he was still given the green light to continue the fight by the ringside doctor.

In the ninth round, Colon’s corner decided to stop the fight by taking off his gloves.

After the match, Digget became sick and was rushed to the hospital. The diagnosis revealed brain bleeding, and he slipped into a coma that lasted for 221 days.

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Terrel Williams Boxer Wikipedia Bio, Where Is He Now?

Williams was a pro boxer and fighter who made headlines on several online news portals. His match with Prichard “Digget” Colon was one of the most controversial matches in boxing history.

So people wonder about his personal details. However, very little information about Terrel Williams’ upbringing and education has not been made public as of now.

Terrel Williams, a native of Inglewood, California, represented Los Angeles as a professional boxer prior to the tragic 2015 fight that ultimately ended his career.

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The picture shows Terrel and Colon’s fight that happened in 2015 (Source: Sportskeeda)

After his 2015 fight with Prichard “Digget” Colon, Williams took a two-year hiatus from boxing before returning for four more matches. His last bout was in September 2019.

Williams maintains a low profile and is not active on social media, where he has continued to face backlash over the Colon fight. As of 2024, his current whereabouts are unknown.

Terrel Williams Age 

The former boxing champion, Terrel, was born in 1984, as of now, 2024, 39 years old.

In the aftermath of the disastrous refereeing and ringside doctor’s failure to protect Prichard Colon during the fight with Terrel Williams, Colon’s parents pursued legal action.

As per reports, in 2017, they filed a $50 million lawsuit against ringside physician Dr. Richard Ashby, boxing promoter HeadBangers Boxing, and DiBella Entertainment for their roles in enabling Colon to continue fighting despite clear signs of injury.

Terrel Williams boxer Wikipedia Colon’s parents wish for a speedy recovery for their son, Colon (Source: The Washington Post)

Prichard Colon’s parents filed a $50 million lawsuit in 2017 against those they believe are responsible for their son’s severe injuries in the 2015 boxing match.

Despite their persistent pursuit of accountability, the case has seen limited progress in the justice system, with no trial date set.

Terrel Williams Family 

Very little information about Terrel’s family is made public to protect their privacy.

Neither Terrel nor other verified sources have revealed the identities of Terrel’s parents. 

Also, not much is known about possible siblings of Williams, as his social media has not been updated since April 7, 2021.

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Soon after the fight between Williams and Colon that left Colon in a coma for over 221 days, Colon’s parents filed a $50 million lawsuit against ringside physician Dr. Richard Ashby, boxing promoter HeadBangers Boxing, and DiBella Entertainment.

Despite reports indicating a lack of progress in the lawsuit, Colon’s parents remain optimistic about their son’s speedy recovery.

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