Sven Lemiss Ehefrau (Wife): Familie And Gehalt (Salary)

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Sven Lemiss Ehefrau (wife) has been a matter of concern to many people. This article provides more information about Lemiss’ married life and earnings.

Sven Lemiss is the managing director of the Berliner Immobiliengesellschaft (BIM). Besides, BIM runs as a German real estate service provider as a fully owned subsidiary of the State of Berlin.

Furthermore, Lemiss has been serving as the managing director of BIM since 2006.

Meanwhile, he runs the company in tandem with Birgit Möhring, who will take over Sven’s appointments and charges for the time being.

Apart from that, Lemiss’ name has been making headlines for the past few days, which all started when the report of him missing was shared.

At the time of this post, he has not been found, but people hope that Lemiss may get discovered soon.

Sven Lemiss Ehefrau (Wife): Is He Married?

Following the news of Sven Lemiss missing, online users have been asking many questions about his married life. However, there is no info on Sven having Ehefrau (wife).

Like many other business personalities, Lemiss also prefers to keep the details regarding his marriage far from the public domain. In the same way, the media outlets have also not shared the fact yet.

Sven Lemiss is unmarried and has no records of having an Ehefrau. (Source: Merkur)

So, it is believed that Lemiss is unmarried and has no wife. Apart from that, Lemiss does not have any official social media handles.

Due to the lack of information, tracking the details regarding Sven’s personal matters becomes pretty challenging. As the concern of people has been raised heavily, further info may get updated.

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Sven Lemiss Familie Details

Sven Lemiss was born to a loving family in Berlin, Germany. His parents raised him in Germany. From this, it can be speculated that Lemiss’ father and mother are a native of German.

As said earlier, Lemiss is very private when it comes to the topic of his personal life. So, due to his private nature, it is hard to find information about his family members.

Sven Lemiss FamilieSven Lemiss comes from a loving family in Berlin, Germany. (Source: Flipboard)

However, all of the family members and close ones of Sven are worried as Sven has been missing since August 1, 2023.

Meanwhile, the search continues, and everyone has also requested not to make fake speculations.

So, online users are requested to respect family privacy. In the same way, Sven’s company has not said much about the missing case of the managing director, but they will give more news soon.

How Much Is Sven Lemiss Gehalt (Salary)?

According to Tagesspiegel, Sven Lemiss has a decent gehalt (salary) of 220 100 euros. Since 2006, he has been managing BIM. In the same way, Lemiss has also worked in other companies in the past.

Due to his multiple works, Sven has earned a good profit. Since the company’s merger with Liegenschaftsfonds Berlin GmbH & Co. KG in March 2015, Lemiss has held this role with Birgit Möhring.

Sven Lemiss GehaltSven Lemiss is a businessman who has been serving as the managing director of BIM since 2006. (Source: T-Online)

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Apart from that, he is also a trained engineer in technical building equipment. Likewise, Sven has previously held various responsible positions. 

He has worked for Agemis GmbH and DeTeImmobilien und Service GmbH. In addition, Lemiss is also a member of the Advisory Board of the Berlin Energy Agency (BEA).

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