Solihull Lake Incident Update: Three boys Have Died After Falling Into An Icy Lake

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Internet users are talking about the Solihull Lake Incident Update because three boys, ages 8, 10, and 11, perished after slipping into an icy lake close to Solihull.

Before specialized Fire teams could get to the kids, members of the public and Police officers first tried to pull the youngsters out of the icy water.

One group attempting to save the boys included firefighters from the Sheldon Fire station, about five miles from the park.

They were greeted with cheers by bystanders as they lay flowers at the scene on Monday among an increasing number of tributes.

At the time of the occurrence, local temperatures are said to have dropped to 1C (34F), then overnight, they fell to -3C (26F).

The kids were taken right away to Birmingham Children’s and Heartlands Hospitals, but Police stated they could not be revived.

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Solihull Lake Incident Update: Three boys Have Died After Falling Into An Icy Lake

The trio went into the water after attempting to rescue their stranded comrade, according to a friend of one of the teenagers who died after falling into an icy lake in Solihull.

On Sunday afternoon, three boys, ages 11, 10, and 8, perished after falling into Babbs Mill Lake.

A six-year-old child is still in critical condition, and Police have downplayed worries that there may be more people stranded under the lake after over 24 hours passed with no more missing person reports.

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Ten-year-old Tommy Barnet claimed to have heard specifics of the sad event on Sky News. They were all having fun on the ice when one of them got their legs trapped, and as his buddies ran to help, they all fell in.

Solihull Lake Incident Update: Specialist Crew Searching for the kids. (Source: BBC)

All of the cops responded to the incident, according to Officer Supt. Harris entered the water without regard for their safety or any protective gear, with several going up to their waists.

He claimed that one of his Police officers was attempting to break through the ice to save the kids.

Police were still sorting through the incident’s specifics, according to Supt. Harris, so they could not determine how long the boys had been submerged before help arrived.

However, he said that officers had arrived shortly after the initial contact, which was received at roughly 14:30 GMT.

According to him, Police were following the families’ instructions over how much material was released to the public and were “doing everything we possibly can to support them.”

More On Granddad of Jack Johnson Who Tried To Save Them

According to reports, the grandfather of the young child who tragically perished after diving into a frozen lake in Solihull ‘rushed from his House’ and jumped into the frigid water to try to save him.

To save Jack Johnson, 10, and three other youngsters who fell through the ice at Babbs Mill Park yesterday, neighbors claim the 10-year-grandfather old’s ran to the lake.

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The boys had been playing on the frozen lake when the ice gave way at 2.30 pm, and he was joined by other public and Police officers who dove into the chilly water to attempt to save them.

Solihull Lake Incident Update 3Solihull Lake Incident Update: 10-year-old Jack Johnson who passed away with his father Kirk. (Source: Daily Mail)

When Jack and three other boys, ages 6, 8, and 11, experienced cardiac arrests and were rushed to the hospital in critical condition, he and the two older boys could not be saved.

At a press conference held today close to the scene of the tragedy, Police revealed that the six-year-old is still in critical condition at the hospital.

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