Snoop Dogg Mugshot And Arrested News 2023: Is He In Jail?

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People want to see Snoop Dogg mugshot as his arrest news is going viral online. Rapper and actor Calvin Jr., better known by his stage name Snoop Dogg, is from the United States. 

His first appearance on Dr. Dre’s debut solo song, “Deep Cover,” and then on Dre’s debut solo album, The Chronic, in 1992, launched his career. 

Since then, Broadus has sold over 35 million records globally and over 23 million albums in the US. Among his achievements are 17 Grammy Award nominations, an American Music Award, and a Primetime Emmy Award.

Doggystyle, Broadus’s Dr. Dre-produced debut solo album, was released by Death Row Records in November 1993. 

It debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 Popular Albums chart and the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart on Billboard. 

“What’s My Name?” and “Gin and Juice” were two of the singles from 1994’s Doggystyle, which went on to become quadruple-platinum after selling 800,000 copies in its first week. 

During the height of his success, he was surrounded by a great deal of controversy. Be with us till the end to see Snoop Dogg Mugshot and get to know about his arrest news.

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Snoop Dogg Mugshot And Arrested News 2023

It appears that using illicit drugs doesn’t absolve you of responsibility if you’re wealthy and well-known! 

Snoop Dogg was arrested on his tour bus over the weekend for marijuana possession at a Sierra Blanca border patrol post. 

The rapper apparently attempted to conceal his pill bottle, which contained multiple joints, in the bus restroom’s trash basket; nevertheless, Texas’ top police dogs were able to smell out his covert cache.

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Snoop Dogg mugshot after his 1993 murder arrest. (Source: Wikipedia)

Strangely, Snoop publicly complained about these very police officers in the same small Texas town after they had detained Willie Nelson on comparable drug-related accusations. 

Despite having a valid prescription in California, Snoop acknowledged that the narcotics belonged to him. However, Texas has a zero-tolerance policy on the possession of any illegal drugs.  

Is He In Jail?

Famously known for a long time, Snoop Dog has been using marijuana in public. How has this not resulted in several arrests for him? 

Since marijuana was outlawed almost everywhere until lately, why hasn’t he been arrested for drug possession?

Since the core of his brand is the image of a stone-cold stoner, he may claim that any footage or pictures showing him using marijuana were produced for publicity or amusement.

The only way he could potentially face legal action is if he were apprehended in person, but even then, an officer would need to confront a wealthy, gang-affiliated media figure. 

Compared to the ordinary person, this makes it far less probable to get arrested.

Snoop Dogg Giving Up Smoking

Snoop Dogg appears to be quitting smoking permanently. The renowned rapper announced on social media that he had chosen to give up smoking.

“I’ve decided to give up smoking after much consideration and conversation with my family,” the message says. At this moment, please respect my privacy.

Snoop Dogg mugshotDue to the fact that the D-O double G had some “weed” on his tour bus, he was taken into custody on Saturday. (Source: Reuters)

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A close association exists between smoking and the Doggfather’s career. He has been outspoken in his criticism of marijuana use and has mentioned the drug in several of his songs.

Many of Snoop’s fans were taken aback by his news, but there was also enthusiastic feedback in posts that have garnered over a million reactions.

He didn’t give an explanation for his resignation right away.

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