Simon Ekpa Arrested By Interpol: What Did He Do And Where Is He Now?

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Why is Simon Ekpa arrested? Ekpa is a noted Nigerian-Biafran activist, radio host, and advocate for the independence of Biafra.

Ekpa, a leading Nigerian-Biafran activist, was recently arrested in Finland shortly before being interviewed by a filmmaker at his home in Lahti, southern Finland.

The arrest came just days after Simon Ekpa threatened to disrupt Nigeria’s upcoming general election.

While the reasons for his arrest are unclear, Finnish daily Helsingin Sanoma reported that he was likely to face prolonged interrogations.

Some have speculated that it may be related to the Nigerian government’s crackdown on the IPOB.

IPOB stands for The Indigenous People of Biafra, a separatist group of which Simon Ekpa is a prominent leader.

Simon Ekpa’s arrest also comes as he intensifies his efforts to frustrate Nigeria’s presidential elections, which are scheduled for February 25.

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Simon Ekpa Arrested By Interpol

The police in Finland have arrested Simon Ekpa, a 37-year-old Nigerian-Biafran activist and radio host.

Ekpa raised to prominence following Nigerian security agents’ abduction of the leader of the IPOB, Nnamdi Kanu, in June 2021.

Simon Ekpa, the 37-year-old Nigerian-Biafran activist, has been arrested by the police in Finland (Source: Punch Newspapers)

After Kanu’s abduction, Simon Ekpa emerged as a prominent group leader and was regarded as the de facto leader by many members.

To elaborate, Simon Ekpa has been a strong advocate for the independence of Biafra and has been actively involved in promoting the group’s cause.

He has been hosting a radio program called “Radio Biafra,” where he discusses issues related to the struggle for Biafra’s independence.

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The Nigerian-Biafran Advocate: Why Did Simon Ekpa Do?

The reasons for Simon Ekpa’s arrest by the police in Finland are unclear at this time.

However, it is known that the Nigerian government has been cracking down on IPOB and its leaders, and the arrest of Simon Ekpa may be related to this.

It is known to everyone that following the abduction of Nnamdi Kanu, Simon Ekpa became more visible and assumed a more prominent leadership role.

The reasons for Simon Ekpa's arrest by the police in Finland are unclear at this timeThe reasons for Simon Ekpa’s arrest by the police in Finland are unclear at this time (Source: Vanguard News)

Regarding the reason, the spokesman for the Nigerian foreign ministry did not respond to requests for comments regarding Simon Ekpa’s arrest in Finland.

Additionally, the Finnish embassy in Abuja was unavailable for comments on the matter.

This suggests that the reasons for Simon Ekpa’s arrest and the implications of the arrest are not yet clear, and more information may emerge in the coming days.

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Post Arresting: Where Is Simon Ekpa Now?

It is not disclosed where Simon Ekpa is now after being arrested; nevertheless, he was seized from his home in Lahti, Finland.

The Nigerian-Biafran activist and radio host has recently been in the news for several controversial actions.

For instance, he declared “sit-at-home” orders and encouraged his followers to engage in acts of violence and disobedience to authorities in the Nigerian South-East region.

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Simon Ekpa was seized from his home in Lahti, FinlandSimon Ekpa was seized from his home in Lahti, Finland (Source: BBC)

As a leading figure in the Biafran separatist movement, Ekpa has been actively advocating for the independence of Biafra and promoting the group’s cause.

The rumors have already started that this arrest may move to quell the separatist movement, causing unrest and tension in Nigeria.

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