Serge Lama Accident Update 2023: Why Enrico Macias Feel Guilty?

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People want to know about Serge Lama Accident. French singer and lyricist Serge Chauvier, also known as Serge Lama, was born in Bordeaux on February 11, 1943.

Having begun his career in 1964, he has been among the most well-known French vocalists since the late 1960s.

He released twenty-three studio albums and nine live albums.

A number of his songs, including Les Ballons rouge, D’aventures enaventures, Je suis père, Les P’tites Femmes de Pigalle, and Femme, femme, female, went on to become French song classics.

In the documentary Serge Lama, la vie à la Folie, which airs on France 3 on Friday, January 27, 2023 at 11:10 p.m., Serge Lama describes how a car accident completely changed his life.

Let’s get to know more about Serge Lama Accident Update in 2023.

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Serge Lama Accident Update 2023

On August 7, 2023, Monday, Serge Lama spoke with France Info. He was in a horrific car accident on August 12, 1965, where Liliane died.

The singer was never able to get over this shock. When physically damaged, it takes over a year to regain mobility.

The 80-year-old singer revealed new details about the car accident that altered his life during that time.

Serge Lama suffered injuries in an accident. Serge Lama was injured in a horrific vehicle accident that occurred when the driver struck a plane tree.

Serge Lama Accident details have piqued the interest of people. (Source: Wikipedia)

The singer recalled on Monday, August 7, 2023, for France Info: “I took eight plane trees.” The vehicle struck the object eight times.

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There was a nearby campsite, and since people arrived there quickly, they also raised the alarm promptly. Thus, I recall, seeing myself lying in that manner on the road.”

He felt for a long time that this would happen, so when they put him in the ambulance, he told himself, “Ah, it’s done, it’s done,” even though he saw the stars and thought he was Saint-Exupéry.

To be sure, he was not surprised by this accident. He experienced it all during the tour.

He convinced himself that the driver was inexperienced, having recently obtained his driver’s license. He disclosed that he was working on two tours concurrently.

Why Enrico Macias Feel Guilty?

The car slammed into a tree with such force that the driver did not survive either.

It was Jean-Claude Ghrenassia, Enrico Macias’s brother and the manager of Serge Lama’s tour.

Thus, he shares a drama with the Beggar of Love interpreter, but it has never severed their relationship.

On the contrary, Enrico Macias even gives a powerful testimony in the France 3 documentary.

I felt bad about this accident a lot. He said, “I know I’m not to blame, but it’s terrible for me to be the brother of someone who caused this accident.”

He revealed while guaranteeing that Serge Lama “never harbored resentment toward him.”

Conversely, he attended my tours. He disclosed, “Although I couldn’t help him personally, at least I could support him professionally.

Early Life Of Serge Lama

On February 11, 1943, Serge Lama was born in Bordeaux, Gironde.

His parents are operetta singer Georges Chauvier, who won first prize at the Bordeaux conservatory, and Georgette Ponceaud.

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There, he had a contented early life while being surrounded by Luis Mariano’s songs and lyrical repertoire.

He usually visits his maternal grandmother in the Dordogne while on vacation.

Serge LamaSerge Lama is a French singer and lyricist. (Source: Internet)

Given the success in the Bordeaux region, his father decided to try his luck in Paris in 1950.

Serge’s parents gave him over to his grandmother when he was seven years old.

Before moving to the capital to live with his parents, he spent six months there, sharing a half-board with the brothers.

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