Scott Johnson Murder Case: Scott White Plead Guilty To Manslaughter Over 1988 Cliff Death

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Scott Johnson Murder case has taken a new turn after Scott White pleaded guilty to manslaughter over his Cliff death. Find out more about his death case through this article. 

Scott Russell Johnson was an American undergraduate student who was murdered in Australia in 1988.

Although the police initially believed the death to be a suicide, a coroner’s inquest in 2017 determined that “[he] died as a consequence of a gay-hate attack.”

An Australian individual was detained in May 2020, charged in January 2022, and found guilty of killing Johnson with homophobia as his motive.

On November 27, 1961, in the American state of California’s Los Angeles County, Scott Russell Johnson was born.

He relocated to England in 1983 to pursue a degree in mathematics at the University of Cambridge.

On December 10, 1988, Johnson’s naked body was discovered on rocks at the base of cliffs in North Head, close to Manly, New South Wales.

On top of the cliff, his possessions and clothing were discovered. His brother, Steve Johnson, disputed the police account of his death, which had been originally considered to be a suicide.

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Scott Johnson Murder Case: Scott White Plead Guilty To Manslaughter Over 1988 Cliff Death

Scott White was arrested over the 1988 death of American national Scott Johnson in Sydney and has found guilty of manslaughter after having a murder conviction revoked on appeal and earlier asserting his innocence.

One of the longest-running mysteries in the city is the death of Scott Johnson, whose dead body was discovered at the foot of cliffs at a gay beat in Manly in 1988.

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Years later, Scott Phillip White was arrested for his death. At a meeting before his trial, he surprised his attorneys by pleading guilty to the charge of murder, but he soon tried to withdraw the plea.

After changing his plea to guilty on January 13, 2022, Scott White was judged guilty of killing Scott Johnson in 1988.

He entered a not-guilty plea at first, changing it to convicted on January 10, 2022.

In 2020, Scott White was arrested by Australian police. (Source: ABC News)

The Supreme Court denied his petition to have it withdrawn the following day on the grounds that White was unfit to make the admission.

Based on the laws in effect at the time of the murder and White’s own unique circumstances, he was given a sentence of 12 years and 7 months on May 3, with 8 years and 3 months non-parole term.

The judge stated, “That it was a gay hate crime is not a closure that the Court can reach to the criminal standard, however.”

Moreover, White made a personal appearance on February 23, 2023, in the NSW Supreme Court to face a new accusation before Justice Robert Beech-Jones.

White asserted not guilty to murder but guilty to manslaughter.

“You realize by pleading guilty to manslaughter you’re taking legal responsibility for his demise but not for killing him, you understand that?” the judge asked.

“Yeah I do,” Scott White replied, sitting in the dock with a solicitor.

Who Was Scott Johnson?

Scott Russell Johnson was born on 27th November 1961, in Los Angeles County, California, United States. He came from an extremely loving and supportive household.

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Scott Johnson MurderScott Johnson was an American university student who was killed in Australia in 1988. (Source: ABC News)

Although he was born in States, he later relocated to England in 1983 to pursue a degree in mathematics at the University of Cambridge.

There, Johnson fell in love with Australian musicologist Michael Noone whom he met at Cambridge.

Johnson left the University of California, Berkeley in 1986 to pursue his Ph.D. at the Australian National University and to be with Noone.

He then relocated to Canberra on a student visa to finish his degree.

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