Sara Tomko Ethnicity: Where Is Resident Alien Actress Parents?

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The success of the third season of Resident Alien has put the limelight on Sara Tomko, as many are interested in learning more about her family background, including her ethnicity. So, let’s find out the details!

Sara Tomko is an actress well-known for playing Asta Twelvetress in Resident Alien, a comedy-mystery drama.

Her talents expand to music, art, film production, and poetry as she likes to explore new fields.

Further, Tomko’s most high-profile roles came as Tiger Lily from A.B.C.’s Once Upon a Time.

She has also played notable characters in S.W.A.T., The Leftovers, Heartbeat, Sneaky Pete, The Terminators, and Extracted.

Moreover, critics have praised Tomko as one of the raw talents in the industry with the power to convey complex emotions.

Such attention to her work has piqued the interest of many in the ethnicity and family origins of Sara Tomko.

Sara Tomko Ethnicity: Where Is Resident Alien Actress Parents From?

Due to her popularity, it is natural for fans to look into the background of Sara Tomko, including details about her ethnicity.

Sara Tomko comes from a rich Polish, Slovak, and Native American background, representing a mixed ethnicity.

Further, her parents come from countries with strong cultural backgrounds, seamlessly blending into the actress’s life.

Sara Tomko with her husband and parentsTomko values her family, especially her grandparents. (Source: Instagram)

Despite the lack of much information about her upbringing, it is evident that her heritage shaped her professional career.

However, further details of her family remain undisclosed as Tomko has never addressed it directly.

Growing up, Tomko was raised in a family of military personnel at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio.

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Additionally, she was trained in numerous life skills at a young age while also giving importance to honing her talents.

Her parents supported her dreams and classically trained her to be an exceptional singer.

Along with her mixed ethnicity, such precision from an early age helped Sara Tomko to excel in her career.

Sara Tomko in a restaurant with familyTomko often invites her parents for vacations. (Source: Instagram)

Later, she attended James Madison University for a degree in Theater and Dance.

Initially, Tomko focused on experimental theater and musicals before trying her luck in the entertainment industry.

Throughout her journey, the actress has had the support of her parents, who are present to celebrate her milestones.

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Sara Tomko’s Net Worth And Relationship Details

After college, Tomko starred in numerous short films such as Touching The Sky and Weights of the Sun.

Further, her first leading role in a movie was on Journey to the Center of the Earth as Besty Case.

Over the years, Tomko has established herself as one of the prominent talents in the industry, resulting in a high net worth.

Sara holding a digTomko spends her time working out and running. (Source: Instagram)

As of 2024, it is estimated that Sara Tomko’s net worth is approximately $1 million.

Along with a successful run in her career, the actress makes sure to give time to her personal life.

In May 2021, Tomko married her long-time partner, TJ Pederson, after spending five years together.

Like the actress, Pederson comes from the industry as an esteemed personnel in editing and acting.

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Sara Tomko leaning on her husbandTomko thanks her husband for supporting her acting career. (Source: Instagram)

The country still mandated COVID protocols, so most of Tomko’s friends attended the ceremony virtually.

The pair began dating in 2016 and often shared intimate pictures after moving in together.

Moreover, their relationship has strengthened, giving value to their unwavering commitment.

Now, they support one another in their career paths while also tending to their personal needs.

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