Samuel Michael Clemons, 21-Year-Old Mizzou Student Killed By Emma Adams

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Samuel Michael Clemons was found dead last week in a Fire pit in north Columbia; the victim is originally from Jefferson City.

Recently following the case of Michael Clemons, Police have arrested 20-year-old Emma Adams of Columbia.

Adams refused to appear in court following the case; she has pleaded not guilty to second-degree murder, tampering with physical evidence, and abandonment of a corpse on Jan 13.

According to the court documents, when officers searched Adams’s House and the backyard, they found the human remains in a Firepit, which is clear evidence of Michael Clemons’s case.

Samuel Michael Clemons, 21-Year-Old Mizzou Student Killed By Emma Adams.

Police, after indenting the victim as Samuel Michael Clemons, people were shocked. He was a 21-year-old MU student and a former Jefferson City resident.

When he was not in his University drome, Police started the investigation and found out that he had taken a Uber to his home, which is five miles from the University.

Police identify MU student found dead in Fire pit at north Columbia home. (Image Source: ABC17NEWS)

Following the investigation, his body was identified almost after a week because of the condition.

Columbia Police Department Chief Geoff Jones said shared condolence to his family, and in a statement, he mentioned Police would support Clemons’ family.

After some investigation and following the evidence, it was found that Emma Adams was the one who killed him; she was ordered to attend court for further investigation.

Then Police were forced to arrest her and charged her with second-degree murder and abandonment of a corpse.

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Where is Emma Adams Now? 

Adams denied knowing the missing student; when Police were following the lead, Police started searching Adams’s House and found the remains in the Fire pit.

After finding the remaining Fire pit, it was clear that she was involved in Michael Clemons’s case, but she refused to know him.

Adams said she didn’t know who he was and tried to defend herself, as the victim was beating her.

When they followed the location of the Uber Clemons took and were led to Ms. Adams’s House, they asked for her permission to search her House. 

Police arrested Emma Adams, of Columbia, Missouri, in connection to the deathPolice arrested Emma Adams of Columbia, Missouri, concerning the death. (Image Source: Front Page Detective)

And they located blood on a vehicle, and the victim’s mobile phone was immersed in the water sink, and they found missing matter used in the Fire pit.

It was clear, looking at the evidence, that Adams was the one who killed an innocent guy from Mizzou. The motive behind the case has not been found yet, but as she mentioned, it was self-defense; it does not look like it.

Adams was asked to be present at the court, but she refused, and Police were forced to arrest her and charge her with second-degree murder.

Now, she is under Police investigation and has not been out since the arrest on Wednesday; she might face more than 20 years of Prison or more.

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Adams next heard his seduction on Feb 20, 2023, which might clear the reason behind the killing and more about the case.

Many students have been interviewed and shared about Clemons, who died a week ago.

“It’s a scary time right now,” Lea Mitchell said. Elizabeth Beisner, another student from MU, added the same thing, “It’s honestly just scary for anyone,”

“Like with the Idaho stuff, it’s just nerve-racking too, like, I don’t know, just being on the campus itself,” Beisner added.

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