Ryan Waller $15 Million Lawsuit And Documentary: What Happened To Him?

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Ryan Waller lawsuit of $15 million has been a top discussed topic after Waler was found dead along with his girlfriend in 2006. 

Ryan Waller and his girlfriend, Heather Quan, were victims of a home invasion in December 2006, during which they were both shot.

After the police arrived at the scene, Ryan was assumed to have killed his girlfriend, and he was interrogated for hours, which prevented him from receiving necessary medical attention.

Ryan Waller and Heather Quan were in a romantic relationship for nearly eight months and recently began living together.

Waller had recently completed high school while Quan was attending college. The couple and a third roommate named Alicia decided to rent a house in Phoenix, Arizona.

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Ryan Waller Lawsuit ($15 Million) And Documentary

In 2008, Ryan Waller filed a lawsuit against the San Francisco Police Department, seeking $15 million in damages for the alleged mistreatment he received after the home invasion.

The case reportedly went to trial, and a jury ultimately found that the police officers involved did not use excessive force or violate Waller’s rights.

However, the lawsuit was dismissed just three weeks before the trial began. The city had filed a motion to dismiss the case, citing an expert evaluation that suggested the delay in Waller’s treatment would not have affected the extent of his injuries.

Waller’s family has come forward with the opinion of a brain surgeon from Florida who disagrees with the city’s evaluation.

Ryan Waller was injured but survived, while Heather Quan died on the scene. (Image Source: Vizaca)

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The surgeon reportedly would have testified that every minute was critical when a brain was bleeding and swelling and that delaying treatment could lead to catastrophic damage.

The family believes that corruption may have been involved in the dismissal of the case and that the city officials, attorneys, police officers, and detectives may have acted out of fear of a ruling in favor of the Waller family.

What Happened To Ryan Waller? 

In the case of 18-year-old Ryan Waller, the Phoenix police treated him like a murderer from the beginning, even though he was a victim. The events that unfolded after the shooting had a lasting impact on Waller’s life.

On Christmas night in 2006, a father-son duo shot Waller and his girlfriend Heather Quan during an armed robbery. Waller was fortunate enough to survive the attack, but Quan tragically did not.

The case gained notoriety for its mishandled investigation and the spread of misinformation by the media.

Waller was struck in the face, while Quan was shot in the head and left to die. Although Waller’s girlfriend was killed on the spot, he received some treatment and was brought back to everyday life. 

Ryan’s parents became worried when he didn’t show up for their family Christmas dinner and failed to answer their calls.

Upon finding nobody answering the door, they drove to his house and called the police to conduct a wellness check on Waller.

The police arrived around midnight and spotted a body through the window but refused to break in, and they waited for the search warrant. 

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Richie and Larry Carver were a father-son duo who were responsible for the home invasion and shooting of Ryan Waller and Heather Quan in December 2006.Richie and Larry Carver were a father-son duo responsible for the home invasion and shooting of Ryan Waller and Heather Quan in December 2006. (Image Source: Buzz South Africa)

During their investigation, the police discovered Heather Quan’s lifeless body and immediately arrested Waller on suspicion of murder, despite his injuries. 

The officers mistook the gunshot wound on Waller’s face for a black eye and assumed that the couple had engaged in a domestic dispute, which resulted in Quan’s death.

After Waller identified Richie and his father as the culprits, the police were able to arrest them.

Richie was arrested first, and Larry fled to California with the murder weapon. However, Larry was eventually caught and controlled as well.

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