Robert Palmer Death Case: Zack Mavin Is Not Guilty Of Stabbing Murder

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The death of Robert Palmer was a tragic incident that has been the focus of court proceedings involving the accused, Zack Mavin.

A young man named Zack Mavin is accused of killing an older man named Robert ‘Bobby’ Palmer in Newcastle. 

The accused person has been charged with two criminal offenses, namely murder and attempted robbery with an offensive weapon. 

During the robbery attempt, Mavin allegedly had an explosive device with him. Later, he stabbed Mr. Palmer in the stomach, leading to his death. The authorities then apprehended the accused.

Robert Palmer Death Case: What Happened?

According to court proceedings, a man named Zack Mavin, aged 24, has been accused of the death of Robert ‘Bobby’ Palmer outside a Metro service station on Sandgate Road in Shortland, Newcastle. 

The location of the alleged stabbing is the Metro service station situated on Sandgate Road in Shortland. (Source:

Robert “Bobby” Palmer was a beloved figure in the Newcastle community. He was a former Australian Rugby League player and a member of the Newcastle Rugby League Hall of Fame.

Before the incident, Mavin allegedly tried to rob the service station while carrying a knife and an explosive device. He appeared in court on Monday, charged with murders and attempted robbery with an offensive weapon.

Eyewitnesses reported that Robert ‘Bobby’ Palmer confronted the thief, armed with a knife, before being fatally stabbed in the stomach. 

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Despite the efforts of paramedics, Mr. Palmer could not be renewed, according to the New South Wales Police. 

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Zack Mavin Is Not Guilty Of Stabbing Murder

Mavin has pleaded not guilty to both charges of murder and armed robbery, with his defense barrister arguing that Mavin had schizophrenia at the time. 

PoliceOn Saturday night, the police established a crime scene following the alleged murder that took place at a service station. (Source:

The court has heard that there is no dispute that Mavin had schizophrenia on the night of Palmer’s death, and the primary dispute is about the impact it had on Mavin’s state of mind at the time. 

The court was playing CCTV footage that the prosecution claims shows Mavin, with his face spray-painted, walking into a 7-Eleven service station and demanding money and cigarettes, with up to four other people inside at the time.

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Additionally, prosecutors allege that Mavin was armed with a hammer and two knives at the time of the incident. 

CCTV And Eyewitness Testimony Of The Incident

During the court proceedings, the prosecution presented video evidence that allegedly showed Zack Mavin leaving 7-Eleven and verbally exchanging with Robert Palmer.

The exchange reportedly escalated into a physical altercation between the two men. A bystander captured a mobile phone recording of the incident, which was also presented in court. 

The recording captured a male witness yelling, “He’s got a knife; he’s gonna get this old guy,” suggesting that Mavin was armed with a knife during the altercation with Palmer. This eyewitness testimony provides critical evidence for the prosecution’s case against Mavin.

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In addition to this footage, the court was also shown video evidence from a Police body camera of Mavin’s arrest, which occurred about 10 minutes after the alleged stabbing. 

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The footage shows Mavin being tasered by Police officers after a short standoff outside his home. This video evidence of Mavin’s arrest supports the prosecution’s claim that he was involved in the altercation with Palmer and posed a threat to others.

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