Reddit Video: Gloria Serge Death And Obituary- 85 Year Old Killed By Alligator

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Gloria Serge Death And Obituary: A video of the 85 years old woman attacked by an alligator is going viral on social handles, including Reddit. She and her dog suffered a painful death last Monday. 

Netizens are frightened by the viral video of a recent alligator attack, which took the life of an old lady. The victim who died in that horrible incident was Gloria Serge. 

The mishap happened in the Fort Pierce retirement community in Florida. Gloria, 85, was minding her own business, walking her dog, when out of nowhere, the alligator emerged from the lake and attacked her. 

The alligator’s first target was Gloria’s dog; however, the Florida gator bit Gloria and killed her. 

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Gloria Serge Death And Obituary: 85 Year Old Killed By Alligator 

The clip which shows Gloria Serge’s horrific death is still around the Internet. After watching that video, one can easily see how an alligator fatally attacked the old lady.

As mentioned, the victim, Serge, was enjoying her retirement days. Moreover, she was living in a retirement community. 

Gloria Serge was killed by an alligator. (Image Source: NY Posts)

Serge was walking with her small dog beside a retention pond. It was situated behind her house in the retirement community. 

According to Fox News, the reptile that killed Gloria was 10-foot-long and is estimated to weigh between 600 and 700 pounds. 

The tragic incident was captured by one of the surveillance cameras. Moreover, the footage shows how the alligator slowly came near the elderly woman’s dog. 

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Gradually, the alligator came closer to Serge and suddenly attacked her dog; while her dog sensed the danger and dodged the ambush, the elderly lady couldn’t do the same, and the reptile’s teeth got her leg. 

 Besides the surveillance camera, someone else saw the fatal death of Gloria and made a 911 call for her rescue, but it was too late. 

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Gloria Serge Neighbour Carol Thomas Made A 911 Call

The other person who saw Gloria Serge’s death was her neighbor Carol Thomas. Obviously, she resides in a retirement community. 

As per the report, Carol was in her bedroom at 12 P.M. The elderly lady was enjoying her afternoon when she saw the horrifying death of her friend. 

Carol saw Gloria’s death after she rushed outside upon hearing a cry for help. 

After that, Carol made a call to 911; however, it was too late to save Gloria. 

The gator who attacked Gloria Serge was killed. The gator who attacked Gloria Serge was captured. (Image Source: Fox News)

As per the reports, Carol was frightened and afraid when the dispatcher picked up her call. 

“Please hurry! It’s a huge gator. It’s huge, I don’t have anything to give to her,” said Carol. Further, she said, “It’s too late. Oh, my God.”

The later recording of the call gives the insight that there was nothing anyone could have done, and the gator quickly pulled Gloria and killed her. 

However, the gator was killed. Yes, the alligator who took the life of the 85 years old woman was trapped by a nuisance gator trapper and was taken under control.

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