Rebekah Jones Affair With Sweeterman: Meet Her Daughter Evelyn And Son

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People are interested to know about Rebekah Jones Affair. Married Florida data scientist fired from University position for having an affair with a student, charged with stalking, and refused to change COVID-19 statistics.

Former data scientist Jones was involved with Florida’s COVID-19 dashboard.

In 2020, Jones came to the public’s attention when she was demoted from her post and alleged that she had been directed to falsify COVID-19 data to minimize the severity of the Florida epidemic.

After being fired, she developed the COVID-19 dashboard, which offered more precise details regarding the state’s outbreak.

Let’s get to learn about Rebekah Jones Affair With Sweeterman.

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Rebekah Jones Affair With Sweeterman

Rebekah Jones Affair With Sweeterman has gone viral all over the world.

Florida Health Department staffer in charge of the state’s COVID-19 response website has a scandalous record that includes three arrests, an extramarital liaison with one of her students, and being fired from her former University teaching position.

Rebekah Jones, 30, claimed that health officials forced her to leave this month because she wouldn’t fake the number of coronavirus infections.

But now that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has claimed that Jones was fired due to insubordination and referred to her as “disruptive,” a different picture has emerged.

Rebekah Jones Affair details. (Source: Daily Mail)

Jones, a married mother of two, was sacked from Florida State University back in 2017 for having an affair with her student while she was a Ph.D. student and a teacher.

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Three arrests followed the affair, which she detailed in a 342-page essay she submitted as part of a now-dismissed defamation complaint. She also claimed to be pregnant as a result of the relationship.

The essay, obtained by, has X-rated text exchanges discussing sexual thoughts both parties were experiencing for one another, in addition to page after page of explicit information on purported sexual encounters with then-student Garrett Sweeterman, who was 21 at the time.

Meet Rebekah Jones Daughter Evelyn And Son

She is wed to Jacob Romer, and they have two kids. In the middle of 2018, a daughter and a 13-year-old boy were born.

Jacob has decided to keep his wife out of the spotlight and is not involved in the ongoing investigation. He would instead not influence the media and keep his personal life private.

Rebekah allegedly engaged in sexual activity at her office at Florida State University with a student named Sweeterman, which is illegal at most campuses, including the one where she worked.

She describes the size of the student’s genitalia and the physical sensations she felt during the encounter.

Jones asserts that the union caused her to become pregnant, and in 2018 she gave birth to a daughter called Evelyn. She continues to live with her husband and their two children despite this.

Details On Her Case

A 2019 hack of a state website led to the arrest and “felony computer crimes” charges against Jones’ son.

Jones asserted that her son was the focus of the purported crime and denied any involvement in the alleged crime. On April 6, 2023, she Tweeted about the arrest.

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Within three hours, the Tweet received many views and media coverage. They won’t allow him to return home tonight, she wrote. They took my son away.

Rebekah Jones AffairRebekah Jones Affair With Sweeterman has gone viral. (Source: Daily Mail)

Many of them have shown their support and opinions over the arrest of a 13-year-old child with autism.

The investigation is still underway, and the case of the 13-year-old child has not yet been resolved. After a thorough examination, hopefully, more details about the case will be made public.

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