Pope Francis Death News Goes Viral After Hospitalized: Illness And Health Update

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Pope Francis death news went viral on the Internet after people found out he was hospitalized. Francis is alive and has been under medical attention. 

Francis is the leader of the Catholic Church and was elected as the 266th pope on March 13, 2013.

Francis has also made several changes to the governance and administration of the Catholic Church, emphasizing transparency and accountability.

He has worked to reform the Vatican bureaucracy and has established a commission to investigate cases of sexual abuse by clergy.

Francis has also actively promoted interfaith dialogue and has met with leaders of other religions, including Islam and Judaism.

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Pope Francis Death News Goes Viral After Hospitalized

The 86-year-old pontiff was admitted to Policlinico A. Gemelli in Rome after experiencing respiratory difficulties. The Vatican spokesman confirmed that the tests showed a respiratory infection but not COVID-19.

Following the news of Pope Francis’ hospitalization, rumors and false reports about the pontiff’s death have been circulating on various sources and social media platforms. No credible evidence supports these claims, and the Vatican has not announced such news.

It has been announced that he will spend some time hospitalized for medical attention, but he has been doing much better today. 

Pope Francis will continue to receive medical treatment for a respiratory infection in the hospital for several more days. (Image Source: American Magazine)

Pope received many messages and prayers from his followers after he was hospitalized. People are praying for his fast recovery, and many were shocked by the death news on the Internet.

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But he is alive and is getting better with his health condition. Viewers are waiting for him to return, as Palm Sunday celebrations are on April 2. 

Pope Francis Illness And Health Update

Francis was admitted to the hospital on Wednesday with a respiratory infection, which doctors later confirmed had developed into pneumonia, as reported by Italian news outlet Corriere Della Sera.

Doctors say the Pope is stable despite his condition. On Wednesday, The Vatican announced that the Pope would remain in the Gemelli hospital in Rome for appropriate medical treatment for a few days.

Italian police officers are stationed outside the Agostino Gemelli hospital in Rome where Pope Francis is currently receiving medical treatmentItalian police officers are stationed outside the Agostino Gemelli hospital in Rome, where Pope Francis receives medical treatment. (Image Source: Daily Mail)

The statement shared by the Vatican said, “Pope Francis is touched by the many messages received and expresses his gratitude for the closeness and prayer,”

Francis is at risk of respiratory problems due to having had part of one lung removed in his 20s.

Doctors have now confirmed that he has contracted pneumonia, and no virus has been the reason behind his worse health condition. 

Pope suffered many health issues, including diverticulitis, which can infect or inflame the colon.

Francis underwent surgery to remove part of his colon in 2021 at the Gemelli hospital, where he receives treatment.

The pontiff has also mentioned having knee problems, which require him to alternate between using a cane and a wheelchair during public appearances.

People have been expecting him to get discharged and will be able to lead the upcoming Palm Sunday service on April 2, which marks the start of a busy week of religious ceremonies leading up to Easter Sunday on April 9.

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In an interview earlier, he said he does not want to get retired this early and want to continue leading and helping with the service. 

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