Paul Cattermole Suicide Hoax Debunked: S Club 7 Star Died From Natural Cause

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Paul Cattermole suicide news left everyone confused; however, it has been announced recently that the late S Club 7 star died from a natural cause. 

Paul Cattermole was a well-known English singer and actor who spent a lot of time working in the entertainment industry. He gained most of his notoriety from being a member of the boy band S Club 7.

In 1998, Cattermole joined S Club 7, and he remained there until 2002. In addition to being a well-known musician, Cattermole was also a well-known actor who acted in films including The Greatest Store in the World, Miami 7, and Back to the 1950s.

Following his appearances on numerous television programs, including S Club Search, Loose Women, The One Show, and First Dates, Cattermole amassed a sizable fan base.

Paul Cattermole Suicide Hoax Debunked: Died From Natural Cause

In Dorset, England, on April 6, 2023, Paul Cattermole passed away at the age of 46. The manager of S Club 7 quickly released a statement to share the tragic news.Further, the statement also revealed no suspicious circumstances were there.

Despite announcing his demise, no authority has revealed the cause of death initially; however, recently, it was made clear that he died from a natural cause.

After his passing, a coroner spokesman stated;

“We confirm that Mr Cattermole died from natural causes, and our investigations have concluded. As his death was from natural causes, there will be no inquest.”

Paul Cattermole died at the age of 46, but no death cause has been revealed yet. (Source: The Guardian)

Although many social media users have speculated that Cattermole may have killed himself or was murdered, it is now recently mentioned that he died naturally.

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What Happened To Paul Cattermole? Health Issues

Paul Cattermole, a member of S Club 7, passed away on April 6, 2023, at the age of 46. Paul had no known illnesses or diseases at the time of his passing. Thus, his demise was not brought on by health issues.

Paul, according to a number of websites, struggled with depression. In numerous interviews, he also discussed his battle with depression.

Paul cattermole bandO’Meara paid tribute to Paul Cattermole after his sudden death. (Source: BBC)

While talking with the SUN, Paul once said he had to undergo surgery, and due to that, he faced a financial crisis. Due to that, he may have been the victim of depression. 

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Was S Club 7 Star Paul Cattermole A Drugs Addict?

As was already indicated, Paul Cattermole’s untimely death sparked a lot of online rumors, although no media outlet has confirmed it. Following his passing, there was speculation that he may have attempted suicide before passing away.

Paul was discovered unresponsive on April 6, 2023, at his Dorset house. He was later declared deceased. A Twitter account also announced the news, paid honor to the late performer, and offered the family their condolences.

deathA Twitter user speculated Paul Cattermole’s death was a stroke or heart attack. (Source: Twitter)

In the same post, many gave their opinions regarding Paul’s demise. One of the Twitter users wrote, “Bet it a stroke or heart attack. All the people who had the 3/4 jabs. Too many now to say it’s not linked.”

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The Twitter user speculated Paul may have died after a stroke or heart attack. In the same way, another speculation related to Paul’s demise is said to be drug addiction, but it is also not true, as the officials have not given the fact yet.

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