Pat Robertson Health 2023: Was Christian Televangelist Sick? Illness And Disease

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Learn about the Christian televangelist and one-time presidential candidate Pat Robertson health and illness in 2023. How did he die?

American media tycoon Marion Gordon “Pat” Robertson served as a Southern Baptist clergyman, political commentator, religious broadcaster, and presidential contender.

Robertson was well-known for his involvement in Republican Party politics and for promoting a conservative Christian viewpoint.

He was connected to the Protestant Evangelical Charismatic movement. He oversaw both the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) and Regent University.

According to the Christian Televangelist, he always intended to become a businessman. Robertson graduated from Yale Law School in 1955 near the top of his class but later failed the New York Bar test.

He later viewed this failure as a minor setback because he never intended to practice law and already had a job with a significant Wall Street corporation.

Pat Robertson Health 2023: How Did The Christian Televangelist Die?

Pat Robertson, the creator and chairman of The Christian Broadcasting Network and the host of “The 700 Club,” has passed away. The Christian Televangelist was 93 years old.

The Christian Broadcasting Network, which Mr. Robertson created in 1960, broke the news of his passing.

Additionally, CBN reported that Robertson passed away Thursday morning at his home in Virginia Beach. The Associated Press reported that no cause of death was given.

Pat Robertson passed away on June 8, 2023, at the age of 93. (Source: NBC News)

Many well-known personalities worldwide expressed their grief and sent the message of condolences to the Christian Televeganist. Virginia’s Regent University also issued a statement expressing its condolences for Robertson’s passing. 

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Robertson was a well-known figure in American homes for more than fifty years. He was most known for his “700 Club” television program.

In later years, his broadcast prophecies of God’s wrath blamed everything from homosexuality to the teaching of evolution for natural calamities.

He raised money by asking for donations, grew influence, and attracted a sizable following when he entered politics in 1988 by running for the GOP presidential nomination.

Robertson established the now-common tactic of targeting Iowa’s network of evangelical Christian churches, finishing ahead of Vice President George H.W. Bush in second place in the Iowa caucuses.

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Pat Robertson Illness And Disease: Was Christian Televangelist Sick?

Pat Robertson’s health has been the subject of discussion in recent years, with rumors spreading that he may be ill. However, no proof supports the claim that Pat Robertson is presently ill.

The founder and former host of “The 700 Club,” the flagship show of the Christian Broadcasting Network, Pat Robertson, has struggled with his health on many occasions throughout the years.

Pat Robertson IllnessTelevangelist Pat Robertson suffered an embolic stroke in 2018. (Source: USA Today)

The Christian Televangelist was in his 90s and had experienced health problems, including a stroke in August 2020 while taping an episode of his show, raising questions about his health even then.

Robertson missed several days of The 700 Club in June 2019 due to a fall that resulted in his breaking three ribs.

He described the experience as excruciatingly painful upon his return, but he also said they are tough and try to stay there and keep on going. He closed by expressing gratitude to the crowd for their prayers.

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Robertson also had a stroke in 2018, yet he still appeared on his television program, “The 700 Club,” and was still involved in his ministry.

Robertson was also admitted to the hospital on August 11, 2017, for minor wounds sustained during a fall from a horseback riding incident.

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