OceanGate David Lochridge Net Worth 2023: Career Earning, Salary And Achievement

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Let’s look at David Lochridge net worth and career earnings as the former director of OceanGate is making headlines after the recent submarine disappearance case. 

As the effort to save the Titan submarine continues, a submersible named Titan has been missing after going under on Sunday while carrying five people to explore the Titanic debris. 

Stockton Rush, the president and creator of OceanGate, constructed the Titan. Only a few hours of oxygen are apparently left within the ship, raising worries about the safety of the passengers.

When working for the business years ago, David raised safety concerns regarding the Titan submersible’s hull thickness.

Conflicting details on the engineering and testing that went into the vessel’s development appeared in a research lab statement.

In a court complaint, Lochridge, the former head of marine operations for the business, also alleged that he was unlawfully fired in 2018 for voicing concerns about the Titan’s safety and testing.

OceanGate: David Lochridge Net Worth 2023: Career Earnings And Salary

According to Dreshare, David Lochridge has an estimated net worth of $1.53 million as of 2023.

However, the former director of Marine Operations at OceanGate has not revealed his actual net worth to the media and the public.

David Lochridge is a freelance submersive pilot. (Source: Current-Affairs)

Additionally, his salary as the director of Marine Operations at OceanGate is also a mystery. But, according to data available on the internet, the average salary for a director of Marine Operations ranges from $76k-$158k as of [cirrent-year].

He served as OceanGate’s former director of marine operations, which used to be his primary source of income. Currently, Lochridge is a self-employed submersible pilot.

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In 2015, he further performed unpaid work for OceanGate as an independent contractor. Similarly, Lochridge worked there from 2016 until 2018.

In 2018, the business fired Lochridge and filed a lawsuit against him and his wife. According to the lawsuit, Lochridge disclosed private information, misused trade secrets, and exploited the business to help immigrants before fabricating an excuse for being dismissed.

OceanGate: David Lochridge Career Achievement

Admired submersible pilot David Lochridge has played a crucial role in OceanGate’s activities.

The pioneering business OceanGate has constantly expanded the horizon of what is feasible in the field of undersea exploration.

They have made tremendous progress in solving the secrets buried beneath the ocean’s surface thanks to creating state-of-the-art submersibles like Titan.

Lochridge, who served as the director of Marine Operations for the organization, was crucial to its success thanks to his broad expertise and in-depth knowledge of undersea exploration.

Notably, his involvement with OceanGate started in 2015 when he accepted the position of independent contractor.

His contributions have been crucial in advancing submersible technology and increasing our understanding of the ocean’s depths.

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OceanGate: David Lochridge Lawsuit Against OceanGate

David Lochridge, a former employee of OceanGate, claimed in a 2018 counterclaim lawsuit that he was fired for raising issues regarding quality control and testing of potential flaws in a submarine.

The same experimental submersible vanished this week with its crew and passengers on an underwater tourist excursion to see the Titanic wreck.

David Lochridge LawsuitDavid and his wife, Carole Reid, were sued by OceanGate for breaching information. (Image Source: Dreshare)

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David asserted in his counterclaim against OceanGate that the Everett, Washington-based business engaged him in 2015 to guarantee the security of all crew members and customers during the submersible and surface operations of the Titan.

He claimed that the business fired him after he voiced his worries regarding the minisub’s hull’s testing and design.

In its initial lawsuit, OceanGate had accused Lochridge of misappropriating trade secrets, fraud, and breach of contract, all of which he vigorously disputed.

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