NZ John Walker Illness And Health 2023: Runner Battled With Parkinson Disease

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People are searching for former runner of middle-distance NZ John Walker illness and recent health update. He was the first individual to complete the mile in less than 3:50.

Former middle-distance runner John Walker, a native of New Zealand, enjoyed a fruitful career in the 1970s and 1980s. He specialized in the 1500 meters event, and he also competed in the mile run.

Walker’s breakthrough came in 1974 when in the 1500-meter run he finished second to Filbert Bayi at the Commonwealth Games held in Christchurch, New Zealand. With this victory, he became known as a top-tier runner and laid the foundation for all of his subsequent triumphs.

Furthermore, John’s most notable achievement was breaking the long-standing world record in the mile run on August 12, 1975, at the Bislett Games in Oslo, Norway.

He completed the race in 3 minutes and 49.4 seconds, becoming the first ever person to finish the mile in under 3 minutes and 50 seconds.

Overall, John Walker’s achievements and contributions to New Zealand’s athletic history have made him one of the country’s most revered sports figures. His world record in the mile stood for four years before being broken on July 17th, 1979.

After retiring from competitive athletics, John Walker has remained active in the local government sector as an Auckland Councillor and by being the representative of the Manurewa-Papakura ward. 

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NZ John Walker Illness: Runner Battled With Parkinson Disease

After turning 40, John gave his retirement from top-level athletics. Four years after his retirement, he revealed that he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease although his active life continued.

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He takes dopamine three times a day to battle the illness, which is brought on by the gradual degeneration of the nerve cells in the area of the brain that regulates muscle movement.

Walker was reluctant to take an aspirin even when he was physically fit. He is also well aware that the medication’s effectiveness will eventually wane and his body will continue to regress. However, John is still upbeat for the time being.

Following NZ John Walker’s illness, his admirers and friends shower him with pity, but he himself wants none of it.

Despite NZ John Walker’s Illness, he remained positive about his life. (Source: Facebook)

Following his diagnosis, the former runner stated ”I hope they find a cure for it quickly. It’s a horrible disease, I can let you know. For my health, I would sacrifice all of my medals and world records.”

Walker is still confident that many patients with Parkinson’s disease will one day be cured or at the very least treated given all the recent advancements in the field.

And despite the fact that Parkinson’s patients and those with other illnesses gravitate around him, he refuses to allow the illness to rule his life.

He accepts that he continues to be cherished as a national hero in New Zealand and that people freely express their feelings for him.

John Walker Health Update 2023

The former runner’s well-wishers and fans want to know about John Walker’s health update in 2023 and find out if he is leading his life healthily.

Well, as of writing this article, John Walker is completely healthy, and he is currently involved as an Auckland Councillor in local government and the representative of Manurewa-Papakura ward.

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Moreover, even after Parkindon’s disease diagnosis, he continued to work in his life and give back to his community.

NZ John Walker IllnessMany people have shown a deep concern regarding NZ John Walker’s health. (Source: InsideTheGames)

For instance, while working on the Manukau City Council in 2008, he established a foundation named John Walker ‘Find Your Field of Dreams’ to get every child in Manukau involved and active in sports. 

Additionally, John became a Knight Companion in June 2009 to the New Zealand Order of Merit for support to the community and sports.

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