NG Kok Song Health 2023: What Happened To Former GIC Chief Investment Officer?

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There has been considerable concern regarding NG Kok Song health recently. What happened to the former GIC chief investment officer?

Ng Kok Song is a veteran financier from Singapore who is best known for serving as GIC’s chief investment officer in the past.

He has come to the media limelight as he announced a bid to run for the new president of Singapore.

The Singaporean financier has over five decades of experience in managing Singapore’s reserves and investments and served in positions at the Ministry of Finance, the Singapore International Monetary Exchange, etc.

Mr. Ng is a founder of Avanda Investment Management (a firm that manages assets) and the Wealth Management Institute (a leading education and research institution in wealth management).

Recently, there has been a lot of concern about his health condition. Find out if the renowned financier is sick and has any illness.

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NG Kok Song Health 2023: What Happened To Former GIC Chief Investment Officer?

Ng Kok Song appears to be healthy. There have been no reports related to his health issues or illness. Thus, we assume that he is in good health.

As mentioned above, the Singaporean financier announced a bid to run for the new president of Singapore. While there is no specific health for presidential candidates, being president is a demanding job.

NG Kok Song recently announced his bid to run to become the new president of Singapore. (Image Source: CNA)

A president’s job is very demanding and requires physical and mental stamina. The president must make critical decisions affecting the country and its citizens.

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They must be able to handle the stress and pressure of the job. They also have to be able to travel frequently and work long hours.

They are responsible for leading the country and making decisions affecting millions. The person has to think clearly and make decisions quickly, often with limited information.

They have to be able to maintain their energy levels almost all the time so that they can perform their duties effectively.

In Singapore, President is elected by vote for a term of six years. Hence, he must be in good health, considering Ng Kok Song’s intention to run to become the country’s new president.

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Who Is NG Kok Song?

Ng Kok Song currently serves as the Executive Chairman of Avanda Investment Management. He co-founded the firm along with two former GIC colleagues in 2015.

The respected financier is reportedly a National University of Singapore (NUS) graduate. The 75-year-old majored in Physics.

NG Kok Song HealthNg Kok Song is a National University of Singapore graduate. (Image Source: Yahoo)

Moreover, Mr. Ng landed a job as an investment analyst at the Finance Ministry in 1970. He is the recipient of the Public Service Commission scholarship.

Afterward, he joined the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS). Ng Kok Song was the first non-expatriate director of GIC’s equities and bonds department in 1986 and became GIC’s first group chief investment officer in 2007 before his retirement in 2013.

In 1984, he founded and became chairman of the Singapore International Monetary Exchange. The company was incorporated into the Singapore Exchange as its derivatives arm.

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Additionally, the financier is currently the founder and chairman emeritus of the Wealth Management Institute at Nanyang Technological University.

The Singapore native also serves on PIMCO’s Global Advisory board with former US Federal Reserve chair Ben Bernanke and former British PM Gordon Brown.

Nonetheless, Ng Kok Song is in good health and appears to be doing well. We wish him good luck in his future endeavors.

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