Netflix Carol Jarvis Murder Case: Husband Harry Jarvis Killed His Wife- Arrest And Charge

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The Netflix show “Meet Marry Murder” features an episode on the case of Carol Jarvis murder showing how her husband, Harry Jarvis, committed it.

The episode will likely explore the details of the case, including the involvement of Harry Jarvis’ mistress, Rita Heyster, in concealing Carol’s body.

The crime occurred in September 2009, when Harry Jarvis, a 61-year-old retired businessman, murdered his wife Carol at their home in Edinburgh.

Given the sensational nature of the case and its media attention, the show may delve into several factors that contributed to the tragic events.

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Netflix Carol Jarvis Murder Case

In September 2009, Harry Jarvis, a 61-year-old man, murdered his wife Carol at their home in Edinburgh, Scotland.

He then concealed her body under the floorboards of their home, just meters away from where his mistress, Rita Heyster, slept in a garden shed on the property.

When Harry’s children began asking about their mother, he strangely told his children their mother was in Dundee because they were planning to move.

Harry Jarvis and Carol Jarvis (Source: The Mirror)

The worried siblings then contacted the police. During the investigation, the police visited Jarvis’ home and found his mistress Rita Heyster hiding under a bed.

Jarvis lied to the officers and claimed that Heyster was Carol, but his lie was quickly uncovered.

When the police asked Jarvis to collect Carol from Dundee the following day, they searched the house and found Carol’s body hidden under the floorboards.

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Due to the advanced state of decomposition of Carol’s body, investigators could not determine the cause of her death.

The bizarre circumstances of the case gained significant media attention back then, and now, it will be shared with the rest of the world, who were unaware of it.

People highly focused on the contrast between the luxurious lifestyle of the mistress, who was an heiress to the Jus-Rol pastry fortune, and the violent and tragic end the victim, Carol Jarvis.

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Husband Harry Jarvis Killed His Wife- Arrest And Charge

The chilling case of the murderer and his mistress! In 2010, Harry Jarvis was found guilty of murder and sentenced to life imprisonment. 

In the show’s first episode, “Meet Marry Murder,” viewers will witness the harrowing tale of Harry and Rita’s involvement in the murder of Jarvis’ wife, Carol.

Heyster, infatuated with Jarvis, had been living in the couple’s garden shed at the time of the murder, while Carol was bedridden inside the house just four feet away.

Rita Heyster was sentenced to four-and-a-half years in prison for helping conceal Carol's bodyRita Heyster was sentenced to four-and-a-half years in prison for helping conceal Carol’s body (Source: Daily Record)

Jarvis became Carol’s full-time caregiver after she was diagnosed with a degenerative muscle condition in 2000. He eventually began cheating on her and having affairs.

In the documentary, Jarvis’ son Graham reveals that his father would leave Carol sleeping throughout the day, administering too much medication to her.

To get rid of the “inconvenience” of Carol, Jarvis and Heyster hatched a plan to poison and murder her.

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In a letter to Heyster, Jarvis detailed their plan and wrote that Carol was dying as he wrote. He also mentioned that they would be able to sell the contents of the house and move on once Carol was out of the way. 

The letter written by Harry Jarvis to Rita HeysterThe letter written by Harry Jarvis to Rita Heyster (Source: BBC)

The couple went into hiding after the murder, and authorities initiated a search to locate them.

Eventually, the police apprehended them as they disembarked a bus in Edinburgh and brought them in for questioning.

At trial, Jarvis pleaded not guilty to the murder, but the jury ultimately convicted him. He was ordered to serve at least 15 years before becoming eligible for parole.

Rita Heyster was also convicted and sentenced to four-and-a-half years in prison for helping conceal Carol’s body.

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