Murder Mystery: Who Was Jonathan Crews? Man Shot To Death

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Jonathan Crews was a beloved community member in Coppell, Texas, who tragically lost his life under mysterious circumstances.

Jonathan Crews was shot at his Coppell apartment while lying in bed. Brenda Lazaro is the only one who knows who fired the shot.

Brenda Lazaro is already crying when the 911 dispatcher answers the phone. “Oh, my God!” she says again. Oh my goodness! Oh my goodness!” The dispatcher attempts to calm her down despite not knowing what the call is about. 

He inquires as to her whereabouts. “At the apartments!” she screams into the phone. Then he exclaimed, “Oh, my God! “No, no, no!” The recording begins at 11:30 pm on February 2, 2014, and is a nightmare of shouts and irritating misunderstandings.

For years, the official ruling had been that Crews had taken his own life, but his family maintained that he had been murdered.

Who Was Jonathan Crews? 

Jonathan Crews was a man from Coppell, Texas, a small city in the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area. 

Crews were described as kind and caring person who was deeply involved in their community. Jonathan was born in California but spent his childhood in Irving. Pam stayed at home to raise her three children.

John, their Father, was a lawyer and the pastor of the nondenominational Heartland Church. Jonathan spent much time with his grandfather in Montana, where he learned to Fire pistols. 

He developed into a tall, gangly adolescent. He played bass guitar and listened to Ozzy Osbourne and Green Day—until he discovered his mother shared his tastes. With strangers, he was quiet and laid-back, with a quick smile.

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He rented the apartment in Riverchase with the money from his new work, his first time living independently.

Jonathan Crews Shot To Death: What Happened?

A Dallas County jury determined in a civil trial on Friday that Brenda Kelly, Jonathan Crews’ ex-girlfriend, was most likely responsible for his death.

A picture of the late Jonathan Crews. (Source:

At about 11:30 pm, Kelly, whose maiden name is Lazaro, called 911 to report that Crews, 27, had shot himself to express his love for her. She has never faced any charges about his passing.

Shaw contended Kelly was ferociously envious of the women Crews interacted with. She was particularly enraged at Crews’ close friend Emily Ramsey after seeing them embrace at a dinner two months before his passing.

Crews invited Kelly to the dinner to meet Ramsey and Jacob Ramsey, who was dating Crews’ longtime buddy.

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According to texts between him and his sister, crews contemplated ending his relationship with Kelly the night he was shot.

What Were The Allegations?

The Crews family claimed in their civil case that Kelly shot Jonathan Crews after he sought to terminate things with her because she was envious of his friendships with other women.

Brenda Kelly, who is testifying, displays a copy of texts that the Crews family admitted as evidence.Brenda Kelly, who is testifying, displays a copy of texts that the Crews family admitted as evidence. (Source:

According to evidence, Kelly provided several accounts of the shooting, including the location of the gunshot wound and the area of Crews’ apartment where she was when he was shot.

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Crews’ damaged phone was discovered by police tucked between his mattress and bed frame. His family thought it strange when the gun’s filthy magazine was discovered hidden among his collection of ties.

The case has highlighted the importance of thorough investigations and the need for accountability when mistakes are made.

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