Miss France 2023: Why Eve Gilles Death News Trending? Scandal And Controversy

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Explore the trending news about Eve Gilles death and unravel the scandalous and controversial details surrounding Miss France 2023.

20-year-old Eve Gilles, recently crowned Miss Nord-Pas-de-Calais 2023, is entangled in controversy fueled by false rumors about her untimely demise on social media.

The beauty queen, known for her distinctive short hair, is gearing up to compete for the coveted Miss France 2024 crown on December 16 in Dijon.

Despite her achievements, Gilles faces criticism from some quarters branding her as “androgynous” and “woke.”

Detractors disapprove of her unconventional appearance, highlighting a clash between traditional beauty standards and Gilles’ unique, modern aesthetic.

As the controversy unfolds, it raises questions about the intersection of beauty pageantry, societal norms, and the challenges faced by individuals who defy conventional expectations in pursuing their aspirations.

The controversy adds an unexpected layer to Gilles’ journey as she vies for the Miss France title amid acclaim and criticism.

Miss France 2023: Why Is Eve Gilles Death News Trending?

The death hoax started circulating on Twitter and Facebook shortly after Eve Gilles was crowned as Miss Nord-Pas-de-Calais on October 14 at the Arena indoor stadium in Liévin.

Some users claimed that she had died in a car accident, while others said that she had committed suicide because of the backlash she received for her appearance.

Some even posted photoshopped images of her funeral and obituary. However, these claims are completely false and have no basis in reality.

Twitter and Facebook buzz with a death hoax about Eve Gilles following heavy backlash. (Image Source: Voici)

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Eve Gilles is alive and well and has not been involved in any accident or tragedy.

She has also not responded to the death rumors but has continued to share positive messages and photos of her preparation for the Miss France pageant on her Instagram account.

The origin of the death hoax is unclear, but it may be related to the online harassment and criticism that Eve has faced since winning the regional title.

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Some people have accused her of being too masculine, too feminist, or too political for a beauty queen.

They have also questioned the judge’s decision to choose her over other candidates who had more traditional features.

Eve Gilles Scandal & Controversy

Eve Gilles is not the first Miss Nord-Pas-de-Calais to face controversy.

The region has produced four Miss France winners in the past decade: Camille Cerf (2015), Iris Mittenaere (2016), Maëva Coucke (2018), and Indira Ampiot (2023).

All of them have faced backlash or criticism for various reasons, such as their origin, appearance, or opinions.

Eve Gilles, who comes from Quaëdypre but whose mother is of Reunionese origin, has said she wants to “break the codes” and “bring something new” to the Miss France contest.

Eve Gilles scandalEve Gilles sparks a Miss France pageant scandal with her winning short hair, igniting controversy. (Image Source: Obozrevatel)

She has also said that she decided to cut her hair short on a whim, making her feel more confident and strong.

She is also a mathematics and computer science student and wants to become a statistician. However, not everyone appreciates her uniqueness and diversity.

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Some people have called her “ugly”, “boyish”, or “lesbian”. Some have also accused her of being “woke” or “leftist”, implying that she is trying to make a political statement with her look.

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Some have even suggested that she should not represent France because she does not fit the stereotypical image of a French woman.

Eve has not let the haters get to her, though. She has received support from fans, celebrities, and former Miss France winners, who praised her beauty, intelligence, and personality.

She has also said she is proud of who she is and hopes to inspire other young women to be themselves.

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