Michelle Buteau Twins: How Old Are Hazel and Otis?

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Famous comedian Michelle Buteau is hosting Season 6 of “The Circle,” where contestants compete for $100,000 and fame. The show airs on April 17, 2024.

Michelle Buteau is an American comedian, actress, and podcast host.

Key Takeaways

  • Michelle Buteau, American comedian, actress, and podcast host, gained fame post-9/11, landing Comedy Central spots after transitioning from journalism.
  • American magazine “Esquire” named Michelle Buteau among the ten comedians to watch in 2017.
  • Michelle Buteau’s twins, Hazel and Otis, were born through surrogacy, bringing immense joy to her and her husband.

Transitioning from journalism aspirations to comedy post-9/11, Buteau gained recognition after five years, landing Comedy Central spots.

Esquire listed her among ten comedians to watch in 2017.

Buteau is notable for hosting the podcast “Late Night Whenever!” and co-hosting “Adulting” with Jordan Carlos.

Moreover, she also starred in Netflix’s “The Comedy Lineup” and movies like “Someone Great” and “Always Be My Maybe”. 

Meet Gijs van der Most and Michelle Buteau’s Twins, Daughter Hazel and Son Otis

Michelle Buteau and Gijs Van Der Most became parents to twins Otis and Hazel through a surrogate.

Comedian Michelle, known for her humor, candidly shares the ups and downs of parenting twins in her 40s.

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Michelle’s Instagram is filled with adorable photos and videos of their kids.

During an interview on Sherrishowtv, Michelle Buteau shared a cute video of her twins, Otis and Hazel, impersonating her.

In the video, Hazel jokingly threatened a time-out while Otis mimicked Michelle’s tone, saying, “Hey, are you kidding me?”

Michelle explained that her husband caught the adorable moment on camera while she was on set.

The twins’ playful imitation brought laughter and warmth to the interview, showcasing the fun they have as a family.

How Old Are Michelle Buteau’s Twins?

The twins, Otis and Hazel, turned 5 years old in 2024, marking another milestone in their journey.

Born in January 2019, they’re embarking on a new chapter filled with growth and discovery.

Michelle humorously compares traveling with her five-year-old twins to a never-ending episode of “The Amazing Race,” acknowledging the adventure and chaos of parenting.

Michelle Buteau’s Journey to Motherhood: Overcoming Infertility and Embracing Surrogacy

Michelle Buteau had always dreamed of being a mom but faced tough challenges trying to conceive.

Health issues made it hard for her to get pregnant, leading to many failed attempts with IVF and heartbreaking miscarriages.

When she took pregnancy tests, nothing showed up, so she got a blood test.

The result showed high levels of prolactin, a hormone that controls breast milk production, and later, she was diagnosed with Prolactinoma.

It was not life-threatening; however, it caused infertility for her.

Eventually, she turned to surrogacy, which wasn’t easy either. Finding a surrogate willing to help was tough, and there were lots of ups and downs along the way.

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Despite people judging their decision, Michelle and her husband stayed strong and focused on their dream.

After complications with one surrogate, they found another, and the implantation process coincided while she was portraying a pregnant character in a Netflix movie.

Finally, their twins were born through surrogacy, bringing immense joy.

She wrote, “Thankfully, the embryos took and my surrogate became pregnant with my twins. Nine months later, when I held my babies for the first time, it was wild. It was insane, over the top. There’s not one word you can use to describe it. It was a marathon of emotions. I was so tired, but had finally reached this goal. ” “They are two souls who joined the world, and it will forever change us.”

Michelle added that motherhood isn’t always easy, with time management being a big struggle, but I cherish every moment with my kids. 


1. What is Michelle’s family background?

Michelle’s background is a delightful blend of cultures. Her father is Haitian with partial Lebanese descent, while her mother is Jamaican with partial French descent.

2. When did Michelle Buteau marry Dutch photographer Gijs van der Most?

Michelle Buteau tied the knot with Dutch photographer Gijs van der Most in 2010.

3. What award did Michelle Buteau’s comedy special “Welcome to Buteaupia” win? 

Michelle Buteau’s comedy special “Welcome to Buteaupia” earned her a Critics’ Choice Television Award for Best Comedy Special in 2021.

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