Michael Ewing obituary: Advocate of Irish Environmental Movement passes away

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Roscommon, Ireland – is grappling with shock and disbelief as news spreads of the untimely passing of Michael Ewing, a stalwart advocate of the Irish Environmental Movement. His demise, confirmed through a poignant Facebook post, has left family and friends mourning the loss of a giant in Ireland’s environmental sphere. The post expressed deep sorrow, acknowledging Ewing’s decades-long commitment to the environmental cause and his role as a true friend.

The circumstances surrounding Michael Ewing’s passing remain shrouded in mystery, with no official details released to the public.

Michael Ewing’s impact on the environmental movement was profound, marking him as a pivotal figure within the Irish Environmental Network and Environmental Pillar for an extended period. His journey took a significant turn in 2008 when he assumed a crucial role in forming an advocacy coalition comprising 32 national environmental NGOs, eventually evolving into the Environmental Pillar in 2009. This coalition became the fifth national Social Partner, showcasing Ewing’s dedication to advancing environmental causes on a national scale.

Beyond his role as Coordinator of the IEN, Michael Ewing contributed significantly to various committees, including the National Economic and Social Council, the National Climate Dialogue Advisory Committee, and the National Advisory Group for the Public Participation Networks. He also chaired the Green Party Policy Council, highlighting the breadth of his influence within environmental and policy circles.

Michael Ewing’s commitment to environmentalism extended beyond his official capacities, as he embraced sustainable and organic practices well before they gained widespread attention. Described as warm, generous, resolute, and a true gentleman by those who knew him, Ewing fostered friendships and built communities wherever he went.

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His expertise in facilitation played a vital role in shaping the flat democratic structure of the PPNs (Public Participation Networks), contributing to their current success and influence. Ewing’s collaborative spirit bridged gaps within the diverse members of the IEN and the Pillar, ensuring a unified voice in environmental matters.

As the Irish Environmental Movement mourns the loss of Michael Ewing, his legacy as a passionate advocate and dedicated environmentalist will undoubtedly endure.

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