Michael Brooks Suicide or Murder: Missing Man Found Dead In The River Ribble At Penwortham

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Michael Brooks Suicide or Murder? Brooks was a 19-year-old resident of Preston Foyer who was Found Dead In The River Ribble At Penwortham.

On January 14, 2018, Michael Brooks was last seen in the wee hours of the morning. He lived in Preston Foyer, an apartment complex on Lawson Street in Preston.

The court heard testimony that on the evening of January 13, 2018, Michael was observed snorting the drug before meeting up with Connor Rishton, an acquaintance of a friend, at the Greyfriars pub in Friargate, Preston.

Michael consumed two more dosages of the drug throughout the evening. The court was informed that 2CB is a comparatively new substance that has not been extensively studied, and there is little knowledge of its effects.

Legal highs and Novel Psychogenic Substances are frequently marketed as safe alternatives to illegal drugs but can be just as harmful, so their use is a rising worry in the UK.

The tragic case of Michael Brooks emphasizes the perils of using such substances for experimentation and the necessity of increasing knowledge of the risks involved.

Michael Brooks’ family may never learn how he wound up in the River Ribble after he went missing in Avenham Park and was later discovered dead there.

Michael’s family has pleaded with anyone with knowledge about the night he vanished to contact the Police after the coroner issued an open verdict.

Less than a mile from where he vanished, 23 days after he went missing, two walkers discovered Michael’s body and called the authorities.

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Michael Brooks Suicide or Murder: Missing Man Found Dead In The River Ribble At Penwortham

Michael Brooks disappeared on January 14, 2018, after reportedly taking the “legal high” 2CB. Coroner James Newman looked into Michael’s absence and discovered that a nine-minute movement gap could not be fully explained.

There were two possible explanations for why he might have disappeared during this time, but neither had any proof. He could have been pushed into the river with a knife or accidentally fallen in.

Despite extensive searches and information requests, Michael has not been found, and the cause of his absence is still a mystery.

Coroner James Newman looked into Michael’s disappearance, and the results of his inquiry led to an open verdict. The issue is still available for discussion.

Michael Brooks Suicide Or Murder: The case is yet to be solved. (Source: Twitter)

Michael was allegedly in Avenham Park at the time with a friend, but there was inadequate evidence to support either of the two theories. Instead of being pushed into the ocean at knifepoint in the first place, Michael fell into it unintentionally.

Despite thorough inquiries and searches, Michael’s whereabouts remained unknown. Michael’s death was deemed an unresolved case by the inquest, and the investigation continues.

Witnesses claim that Michael Brooks was forced to jump off the Old Tram Bridge by two men holding knives to pay a drug debt. 

In February 2018, friends and family, mountain rescue, and Fire and rescue services conducted a two-week hunt before learning of his demise.

The last person to see Michael alive, Connor Rishton, testified at the inquest that Michael “disappeared into the night” after the two went to observe stars in Avenham Park at 1.20 am on January 13 while high on hallucinogenic drugs.

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The case is yet to be solved, so we don’t know if it was Michael Brooks’s Suicide Or Murder when writing this article.

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