Melissa Highsmith Kidnapped Case: Women Missing For 51 Years Found- Health Update

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Melissa Highsmith kidnapped case has been solved by the police as news surfaces about the missing one being united with her family.

The family of Melissa Highsmith claims she was kidnapped in Fort Worth in 1971 from South Carolina which is more than 1,000 miles distant.

When she was abducted from her Fort Worth, Texas, home in August 1971, Melissa was just 22 months old.

Ruth Johnson, the lady who kidnapped her, agreed to monitor Melissa for the day but never handed her over to her parents.

Melissa resided in Fort Worth for more than 50 years without being aware of her actual identity or the specifics of her kidnapping.

The emotional encounter, which put an end to a decades-long quest for solutions, was something that everyone had been looking forward to for a long time.

According to a report from the Charleston television news station WCIV and a press statement from her family, the amazing drama centered on the disappearance of Melissa Highsmith came to an end in South Carolina on Saturday.

Melissa Highsmith Kidnapped Case

Melissa Highsmith was just 22 months old when the individual was allegedly kidnapped from her Fort Worth, Texas home in August 1971.

Highsmith’s mother, Alta Apantenco, placed an ad in the Fort Worth, Texas newspaper, looking for a babysitter when Highsmith was a year old.

Apantenco hired Ruth Johnson without ever having met her since Melissa needed someone to watch her daughter while she worked because she was raising Melissa alone.

The babysitter picked up the 21-month-old child from the care of her mother’s roommate on the day Melissa vanished while Melissa’s mother was at work.

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Melissa Highsmith’s missing child poster was created by her family. (Source: TheGuardian )

Highsmith’s family reported Melissa Highsmith kidnapped case to the police, and in the more than 50 years afterward, they have never forgotten her, even hosting birthday celebrations for her every November.

More recently, they created the “Finding Melissa Highsmith” Facebook page and asked for assistance locating their lost cousin.

After Melissa Highsmith kidnapped case surfaced in the media many people started looking for her in the hopes that one day she will be located and reunited with her family.

The Fort Worth Police Department is determined to conclude this investigation to learn all that is known about Melissa’s 1951 kidnapping, even though the criminal statute of limitations expired 20 years after Melissa was 18 years old.

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Melissa Highsmith Health Update

Melissa Highsmith kidnapped case has finally been solved after more than five decades.

The missing baby who had been taken from her family in Texas in 1971, was at last reunited with her original family in November 2022. This was a pleasant occurrence that made national news.

Melissa Highsmith’s health condition details have not been provided on the web. However, looking at the uploaded pictures with the family, Melissa appears to be in good health.

Melissa was unaware that her family was looking for her because she had always gone with Melanie.

The missing individual was reunited with her mother, father, and two of her four siblings on Saturday at a celebration at the family’s church in Fort Worth, according to a statement acquired by the Guardian on Monday.

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Melissa Highsmith husbandMelissa Highsmith and her husband, John Brown, gather at a rally to solve cold cases. (Source: Star-Telegram )

Most of Melissa’s life had been spent in Fort Worth, and her family claimed in posts on the “WE FOUND MELISSA!!!” Facebook page that she had no idea she had been abducted.

Family relatives have stated that they are unaware of the fate of the individual who abducted Melissa when she was a newborn.

At the age of 15, Melissa claimed she ran away from home because she didn’t have a decent life. Highsmith also stated that she will be returning to her birth name after altering it to Melanie.

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