Ly Hao Nam, 10-Year-Old Vietnamese Boy Trapped In Pillar Death- What Happened?

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Ly Hao Nam was a 10-year-old Vietnamese boy who died after being trapped in the narrow open of a concrete pillar.

The kid cried for help shortly after falling into the 10-inch-diameter hollow pillar. Officials tried for more than 100 hours to rescue the little boy, to no avail. 

The incident occurred on New Year’s Eve as Nam searched for scrap iron with his friends around the construction site.

However, the search turned out to be catastrophic as he plunged into the 115-foot-deep pillar, unable to get out by himself. 

Rescuers tried all means possible to save the boy for almost five days. 

They pumped in Oxygen, lowered water for him to drink, and removed the mud around the pillar to take it out and rescue the boy.

What Happened To Ly Hao Nam? Trapped In Pillar Death

Ly Hao Nam was a Vietnamese boy declared dead after being trapped inside a pillar. 

Nam reportedly fell into the pillar while searching for scrap iron with friends. The pillar was located at a bridge construction site in the Mekong delta province. 

Ly Hao Nam was declared dead after over 100 hours of the rescue attempt. (Source: NY Post)

The 10-year-old boy from the locality plunged into the pillar on Saturday, December 31, 2022. 

After more than 100 hours of the rescue attempt, all hope of saving the little kid was lost as he was declared dead.

Doan Tan Buu, the deputy chairman of the southern province of Dong Thap, said that the authorities have determined that the victim had died.

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The rescuers are now trying to recover the 10-year-old’s body from inside the pillar for the funeral. 

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Ly Hao Nam Rescue Attempts

Officials attempted all means possible to rescue Ly Hao Nam from the pillar. 

Rescuers in Dong Thap tried to raise the pillar from its 115-foot-deep hole and cut the boy out from it. 

They had been removing the mud and water around the pillar in an attempt to bring it up. Oxygen was pumped into the narrow pillar to help Nam breathe.

nam boyAll attempts to rescue the 10-year-old Vietnamese kid turned out futile. (Source: Fanpage)

Water was also lowered inside the pillar for the boy to drink. However, there were no signs that he drank any.

The Prime Minister of Vietnam, Pham Minh Chinh, urged local authorities and rescuers to use all means and equipment necessary to save the 10-year-old.

Vietnamese authorities mobilized over a hundred soldiers and engineering experts to retrieve the boy safely. 

The 10-year-old was heard crying for help after he plunged into the pillar. He could be heard screaming for some time after the incident. 

aerialAn aerial view of the construction site where the boy fell. (Source: Globo)

However, when a camera was lowered into the shaft on Monday, rescuers did not receive any response from him.

Sadly, all those attempts were futile, as the little kid had already died. Authorities are now trying to retrieve his body for a proper funeral.

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