Luna Llena Singer Malu Trevejo Leaked Video And Scandal: What Is The Story About?

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Get insights on the Luna Llena singer Malu Trevejo leaked video controversy and scandal details from this article. What is the story about?

Malu Trevejo, the 19-year-old singer and social media star, has been in the spotlight for several reasons in 2023.

From a leaked video on Twitter and Reddit that allegedly shows her engaging in explicit content on OnlyFans, to a lawsuit filed by four former employees accusing her of abuse and sexual misconduct, Trevejo has faced a lot of controversy and criticism this year.

Here is a summary of what happened and how she reacted to the scandals.

Malu Trevejo Leaked Video: A Viral Controversy

In April 2023, a video of Malu Trevejo surfaced on Twitter and Reddit that claimed to show her performing sexual acts on OnlyFans, a subscription-based platform where creators can share adult content with their fans.

The video quickly went viral and sparked a lot of backlash from people who accused her of exploiting her young fanbase, being dishonest about her age, and violating the terms of service of OnlyFans.

Trevejo responded to the controversy by posting a video on Instagram, where she denied that the leaked video was hers and said that it was a fake edit by someone who wanted to ruin her reputation.

Malu Trevejo, the singing sensation, captures attention with a leaked video scandal on Twitter and Reddit, unveiling explicit OnlyFans content rumors. (Image Source: The Shade Room)

She also said that she was not on OnlyFans and that she had never posted any explicit content online.

She claimed that she was a victim of cyberbullying and harassment and that she would take legal action against the person who leaked the video.

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However, some people were not convinced by her explanation and pointed out that the leaked video had similarities with some of her TikTok videos, such as her tattoos, jewelry, and clothing.

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They also questioned why she had an OnlyFans account in the first place if she was not using it for adult content.

Some of her fans defended her and said that she had the right to do whatever she wanted with her body and that the leaked video was an invasion of her privacy.

Malu Trevejo Scandal: A Legal Battle

In January 2023, four former employees of Malu Trevejo filed a lawsuit against her for battery, defamation, sexual misconduct, breach of contract, and other complaints.

The plaintiffs included a personal assistant, a security guard, a stylist, and a photographer, who claimed that they had a terrible experience working for Trevejo and that they suffered physical, emotional, and financial harm as a result.

According to the lawsuit, Trevejo was abusive, rude, demanding, and unprofessional towards her staff.

Malu Trevejo ScandalSinger Malu Trevejo was sued by her ex-staffers over ‘Abusive’ treatment. (Image Source: Rolling Stone)

She allegedly threw tantrums, insulted them, threatened them, hit them, spit on them, and exposed them to COVID-19.

She also allegedly made unwanted sexual advances towards some of them, touched them inappropriately, sent them nude photos and videos, and asked them to join her in threesomes.

She also allegedly failed to pay them for their services and breached their contracts. Trevejo denied the allegations and said that they were false and motivated by greed.

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She said that she was devastated by the accusations and that she would defend herself in court.

She also said that she had evidence to prove her innocence and that she had never mistreated anyone who worked for her.

She accused the plaintiffs of trying to extort money from her and ruin her career. The lawsuit is still pending as of December 2023.

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