Luise Frisch Tiktok: 12-Years-Old School Girl Stabbed To Death- Who Kill Her?

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Luise Frisch Tiktok video has been viral; she was seen with two of the suspect of her murder in the video.

A Tiktok video allegedly posted by the 13-year-old suspect shows her dancing just hours after Frisch’s body was discovered.

In the murder case of 12-year-old Luise, two friends of her age have claimed to be a suspect, but there has been very unclear information about them. 

Three of them were seen holding an iced tea together, laughing, and seeming to enjoy having Luise. 

People are shocked by the news shared by different sources; many couldn’t believe that Luise was murdered by two of her friends. 

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Luise Frisch Tiktok: 12-Years-Old School Girl Stabbed To Death

A 12-year-old girl named Luise Frisch was tragically stabbed to death; as per the report, she was stabbed 32 times. Her body was found in secluded woodland in Freudenberg, Germany. 

Frisch was the victim of bullying, different negative students at her school bullied her, but she never mentioned it to her parents as a big deal. 

She was also hit by a stone brutally in her head; her head was covered with a plastic bag full of blood. 

Police found after a medical report that she was still alive when she was thrown down the embankment. 

Still, the investigation is ongoing; Police are trying to find as much information as possible. 

The 12-year-old girl’s parents are waiting for justice, and many local people have been praying and supporting her parents. 

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Last week, floral arrangements and candles were left at the location where Luise’s body was found as a tribute. (Image Source: Daily Mail)

Frisch’s neighbor had the conversation, and one said, ‘We used to see nearly every day. She was like any other girl her age, sweet and innocent.’

She was friendly and kind with every classmate or her neighbor or teacher. She was very innocent, they mentioned. 

People are still shocked to hear the news about how she was murdered; she was stabbed 32 times and still alive when her body was dumped. 

Who Killed Luise Frisch?

Luise murder case shocked people again; Police reported that two of her friends, who were called her best friend, were involved in the murder. 

One 12-year-old suspect and another 13-year-old suspect did not try to claim as they were the murderer before her body was found. 

But last weekend, Police shared that she released the information about stabbing her and throwing her body. 

The reason behind the killing of Luise has not been out, but sources mentioned that it was a matter of a boy, which might not be accurate as Police have not shared the reason behind her murder. 

Two girls, one aged 13 (whose picture has been shared) and another aged 12, have admitted to committing the shocking murderTwo girls, one aged 13 and another 12, have admitted to committing the shocking murder of Luise. (Image Source: Perth Now)

The identity of the suspects has not been revealed, but the 12-year-old suspect lived with her parents, grandfather, and two siblings. 

She often stayed with her grandparents and was seen taking lunch with them as both of her parents worked. 

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The 13-year-old suspect lived with her parents; her Father is a fireman. She often spends time with her mother. 

Talking to the suspect’s neighbor, they said they looked innocent and never thought they might get involved in a murder. 

One of them said,’ It’s just so difficult to understand. They are all just children.’

While the two girls will not face a criminal trial due to their age, it has been revealed that they may still be held responsible under civil law and may have to compensate Luise’s grieving family.

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