Luisa Espinoza Video Estudiantes Twitter: Onlyfans Model Arrest And Charge

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“Luisa Espinoza Video Estudiantes Twitter” is trending online as the Onlyfans model has recently been arrested. Keep reading for more information.

Ecuadorian influencer, Luisa Espinoza, was arrested on February 28th by the National Police and the Prosecutor’s Office.

Espinoza gained popularity for her content on OnlyFans, a social media platform that allows creators to share exclusive content with their subscribers.

The arrest caused a stir on social media, with many users expressing their shock and curiosity about the incident.

While the exact details of the video have not been disclosed and have already been removed, it is believed to have violated certain laws and regulations in Ecuador.

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Luisa Espinoza Video Estudiantes Twitter

Luisa Espinoza is a young woman from Guayaquil and an influencer on OnlyFans.

Luisa joined Twitter in January 2023, where she mentioned the link to her Onlyfans on her profile with 9,496 followers.

The Ecuadorian Police arrested her on February 28th following an investigation into a video she had published on her social media platforms.

The video shows Espinoza, the influencer, offering sweets to students in exchange for them touching her.

The Ecuadorian Police arrested Luisa following an investigation into a video relating to child pornography (Source: La Republica)

Twitter suspended the profile of Luisa Espinoza, who creates and shares adult content.

On December 20th, the Attorney General’s Office investigated the Onlyfans model for suspected involvement in child pornography.

The video in question, which has since been removed, sparked criticism from internet users and led to an investigation by authorities.

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Espinoza’s arrest has caused a stir on social media, with many of her followers expressing shock and concern for her well-being.

It remains unclear what the future holds for Espinoza and her career as an influencer on OnlyFans.

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Luisa Espinoza: Onlyfans Model Arrest And Charge

Ecuadorian authorities began investigating Luisa Espinoza in December 2022 due to a viral clip involving minors on social media.

In the video, the influencer can be seen offering sweets to students to touch, considered “child pornography” under Article 103 of the Comprehensive Organic Criminal Code (COIP).

The video sparked outrage among netizens, and after reaching 40,000 views, Espinoza removed it from her social media accounts.

Twitter has already removed the video uploaded by Luisa EspinozaTwitter has already removed the video uploaded by Luisa Espinoza (Source: Anime Saku)

Twitter suspends accounts if the user has made posts promoting hatred, racism, or child pornography.

According to Twitter, they strictly enforce a zero-tolerance policy towards child sexual exploitation.

In the case of Luisa Espinoza, her Twitter account included links to other platforms where she offered adult content for a fee.

The Prosecutor’s Office is investigating the case as an alleged instance of child pornography, which can carry a sentence of 13 to 16 years.

Authorities launched an investigation into Luisa for producing audiovisual material of children and adolescents engaged in sexual activity, which is a serious offense.

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Who Is Luisa Espinoza? Learn About The Onlyfans Model

Luisa Espinoza, born in Guayaquil, began her career as a techno cumbia dancer at 13 with the Alta Tension group.

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She was part of the group for five years before leaving and briefly appearing on various reality shows.

However, she gained fame on social media by creating content for the OnlyFans platform.

Espinoza began her career as a techno cumbia dancer at 13 with the Alta Tension groupEspinoza began her career as a techno cumbia dancer at 13 with the Alta Tension group (Source: NAYAG Tricks)

In interviews, the 26-year-old influencer has claimed that her work on OnlyFans generates over $10,000 a month in income.

She has amassed a significant following, with over 480,000 followers on her private Instagram account.

Likewise, the model has garnered 265,000 subscribers on her public De ella YouTube channel, where she shares content from her daily life.

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