Lucas Paul Age: How Old Is Skinamarink Cast? Family And Net Worth

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Fans are curious to know about the actor Lucas Paul age. How old is the young actor from the cast of Skinamarink? Let’s take a look at Lucas Paul age, family, and net worth.

Lucas Paul is an American actor who recently made headlines as Kevin in the 2023 horror movie Skinamarink.

The young actor, alongside his co-workers, has been the subject of many discussions regarding his acting skills and age.

Skinamarink is a horror movie written and directed by Kyle Edward Ball.

The movie deals with the classic “haunted house” trope, but the house itself is possessed instead of any entity living in the house.

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It was released in the summer of 2022 at the Fantasia Film Festival but released commercially in North America on January 13, 2023.

Lucas Paul Age: How Old Is Skinamarink Actor?

Lucas Paul age has baffled viewers of Skinamarink.

Many have speculated that the young actor who plays Kevin is around 10 to 12 years old.

Skinamarink is Paul’s first movie, so very little information is available about him.

Lucas Paul, the actor who plays Kevin in Skinamarink, at a park. (Source: Instagram)

As such, there have been no explicit confirmations of Lucas’s age, and fans have mostly been speculating.

Some viewers have stated that Lucas is older and playing a much younger role on Skinamarink, but that remains to be confirmed.

Who Is Lucas Paul Family?

Lucas Paul is the son of actor and videographer Ross Paul.

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Ross is a single father who previously worked as a bartender and an artist.

However, his artistic side remains more of a hobby than a professional venture.

Ross appeared alongside his son in Skinamarink as the protagonist’s father.

Lucas also has a brother, but it is yet to be determined whether his brother is older or younger than him.

Lucas Paul FamilyLucas Paul with his father Ross Paul and brother. (Source: Instagram)

His father has yet to reveal his brother’s name to the public.

Lucas’s mother remains anonymous, so his parents are likely separated or divorced.

He might have half-siblings on his mother’s side, but he doesn’t seem to interact much with his mother’s side of the family.

It appears that his father has sole custody of him and his brother.

Ross appears to be a doting father, as the two brothers frequently appear in his Instagram posts.

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The family of three seems to share a close bond and is often spotted doing bonding activities together.

What Is Lucas Paul Net Worth In 2023?

While there have been no official estimates of Paul’s net worth in 2023, we assume the young actor’s fortune amounts to $10,000.

Based on whether the film crew is unionized or not, first-time actors get paid between $680 to $1500 for a single day’s shoot.

Since Paul is one of the main characters in Skinamarink, we assume he was paid around $700 for a day’s work and made $6000 from the movie shoots alone.

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The movie had a budget of $15,000, so the actors were not paid much for their part in the shooting process.

Instead, the actors have been paid from the movie’s earnings, which amounts to $2 million.

Lucas PaulLucas Paul on the set of Skinamarink. (Source: Instagram)

Besides the movie, Lucas has no known brand deals or endorsements that might contribute to his net worth.

However, he has made his mark on viewers as a talented actor and is predicted to rise quickly in Hollywood.

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His net worth will rise significantly if the young actor takes on more roles.

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